Title Award Ceremony for Abbot Daoguo

Published on July 12, 2009

In the morning of July 12, at the Sakyamuni Buddha Hall of Hua Zang Si in San Francisco, Dharma Master and Abbot Long Hui held the Title Award Ceremony for Abbot Daoguo (Daoguo means accomplishment in practices or literally path-fruit). This solemn and grand ceremony was attended by over one hundred Buddhists and followers.

Master Long Hui, the Abbot of Hua Zang Si, stated that the practice of The “Vajra Body Substitution Dharma” is a very high-level dharma in the Buddha-dharma of “The Great Mudra of Liberation” that is yearned for by millions of practitioners.

Master Long Hui pointed out that one who has become accomplished in “The Vajra Body Substitution Dharma” is a holy being. Dharma Master Miaokong, who is now Abbot Daoguo of Hua Zang Si, is such a great noble monastic with such accomplishment from the practice of this dharma. This is a manifestation of the power of the true Buddha-dharma and is evidence that Buddha-dharma is great beyond imagination.

Master Long Hui mentioned that Buddha-dharma is not in books nor in empty talks. Buddha-dharma has to be demonstrated by concrete skills and abilities in front of people’s eyes. Of course the purpose of all forms of cultivation is for benefiting and helping living beings. She dedicated the merit from this award ceremony to the prosperity of the United States of America and to world peace.