Supernatural Abstract Colors

Published on April 3, 2008
"Spirit Resonance Will Live Forever"

“Spirit Resonance Will Live Forever”

Category 22 of the thirty categories of accomplishment included in the book H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III is devoted to “Western Paintings.” The book states that “These holy works embody the wonderful essence of the craftsmanship vidya and flow from His Holiness’s supreme and perfect wisdom.” A few of the examples included in this book are shown on the right. Other examples can be found in the index to the art of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III shown elsewhere on this website.

"World of Celestial Dragons Beneath the Brush"

“World of Celestial Dragons Beneath the Brush”

H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III (Master Wan Ko Yee) has completed a collection of abstract paintings that defy description. Their colors and forms are from another world. You feel you have entered another dimension when you view them. People report feeling great peace and happiness when they view them, even though they may not understand why. Some say they feel they can enter the painting, and some say the painting enters them, but all are transported to another and very wonderful place. One-hundred forty-four of them have been published in Painting: The Zenith of Color. They have also been applied to various building materials to make them available to the general public in a host of mediums. There are ceramic and enamel tiles, glass transparent panels, etc. A quote from the brochure introducing these works best describes them:

“Master Wan Ko Yee has thereby again opened up a new world of art that is beautiful, mysterious, and soul-inspiring! You will find the bright and dazzling colors leaping and dancing, vigorous like towering waves surging over thousands of miles, yet stored up into wonders at the fine tip of a brush. They freely transcend worldliness. Various colors are mixed ingeniously and beautifully, distilling beauty from their mutual nourishment. Their many forms and meanings are like a golden dragon breaking away from the earth’s crust and soaring in the azure sky above the blue sea, free at will, unbridled and unrestrained, all worldly dust whisked away, ever changing, and beautiful beyond compare! This form of art most embodies the essence of Western abstract expressionist painting.”