Rinpoche’s Life Saved by His Holiness Dorje Chang Buddha III

Published on January 20, 2006
Zhaxi Zhuoma at Moro Bay, included as part of the portfolio of photos taken by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III

Zhaxi Zhuoma at Moro Bay, included as part of the portfolio of photos taken by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III

Early this year, I found that my strength was leaving my body. I had tried various alternative medical treatments, but it seemed that I was loosing energy every day. When a friend gave me a thermometer, I started taking my temperature and found that my body temperature was constantly at around 95 degrees—way below normal. I just felt that my life force was leaving me and that one by one all my body functions were beginning to shut down. I had watched my elderly father die several years earlier and knew that was what happened in the death process, so I became convinced that I was about to die.

I am fortunate to be able to see the His Holiness Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu fairly often, but he is so busy, I did not want to bother him with my problems. I figured that if this was my time to go, I would go. If not I would stay. I am 65 years old and ready. His Holiness had told me that as soon as he was finished with a particular project, he would take care of my problems. Since I have seen His Holiness help many of his disciples and how they have miraculously become well or heal after receiving the Buddha Master’s blessing, I was not too concerned. I had also seen the Buddha Master help people who were not even Buddhists go to the Western Paradise. Whether I lived or died, it would be ok. Either way I had faith in my vajra master and knew he would take care of me.

One afternoon, I could not bear to stay with the Buddha Master any longer. I simply had to go home and rest. As I was paying my respects to leave, His Holiness looked at me and stopped what He was doing and asked what was wrong. I told him how I was very, very tired and wanted to get some rest.

The Buddha Master said, “No, wait. I will help you.” His Holiness was very busy right then and in the middle of doing some very important matters, but the Buddha Master stopped and went into the next room and when He came back, His Holiness said that He would practice a particular dharma for me. What I did not know until later, because it was not translated at the time (I do not understand Chinese), was that His Holiness told the other disciples who were there, that I was in a very dangerous state. In hindsight, I should have suspected as much, since the Buddha Master was so very busy and it was His Holiness who volunteered to help me. I did not even ask. His Holiness told those present that my chakras had almost completely shut down and, if He could not reactivate them by transferring his energy to me, I might as well go home and prepare to die. They should contact my relatives to prepare for my funeral. I know the disciples had suddenly gathered around us and looked very serious, but that often happened when the Buddha Master transmitted any dharma, so I was not alarmed. The first few times the Buddha Master tried to open my chakras, nothing happened. His Holiness practiced the dharma and recited many mantras. I felt nothing. He then told the other disciples (and they told me afterwards) that He could try one more time and if that did not work I was a goner. Some of the disciples thought at first that the Buddha Master was joking, but by now they realized how serious the matter was. All this time the Buddha Master was very jolly and since I knew no better, I was not frightened. Then His Holiness did another dharma and, while reciting a secret mantra, he was able to transfer his energy to me. It was like being hit by a lightening bolt. POW! I can’t say it was painful, but it was certainly overwhelming!

His Holiness showed us how He could turn this transfer of energy on and off. I would feel the energy, then I would not. The Buddha Master had complete control over this process. It was amazing. The Buddha Master was very happy. I knew from his reaction that His Holiness had healed me. His Holiness said my chakras were now functioning and open and “That was what I have been waiting for. This is the last step you needed to receive the Dharma. Now I can teach you.” Over the past few years the Buddha Master had given me many initiations and empowerments to remove my negative karma and prepare me for receiving the esoteric dharma.

Of course I was ecstatic. I went home and slept for a very long time. I woke up feeling that my entire body had been run over by a semi. Every cell in my body ached, but I could tell my energy or life force was back. This very understandable “cell fatigue” only lasted a few days. When I remembered to take my temperature again it was back to normal. I have had extraordinary energy ever since. I normally only sleep a few hours a night and feel great! My Buddha Master is truly magnificent. The healing powers of His Holiness are amazing. The Buddha Master has attained perfection in all of the Five Vidyas and the Buddha-dharma! I am very, very grateful for the kindness and compassion of my Buddha Master. Amitabha!

Zhaxi Zhuoma, January 20, 2006