New Abbot installed at Hua Zang Si in San Francisco

Published on October 10, 2015
Shakyamuni Buddha Statue at Hua Zang Si, a BUddhist temple in San Francisco, California

Shakyamuni Buddha Statue at Hua Zang Si, a Buddhist temple in San Francisco, California

On October 5, 2015, a ceremony of transferring the abbotship at Hua Zang Si (hereafter referred to as the Temple) between the outgoing abbot and the new abbot was held in the Temple’s Sakyamuni Buddha Hall. The entire assembly of the Temple’s monastics attended the ceremony. The outgoing abbot Dharma Master Shi Long Hui has accepted another appointment and will go to Los Angeles to serve as the director of the Hua Zang Buddhist Institute there. The Hua Zang Buddhist Institute is an educational and training organization affiliated with the Temple to carry out the mission of training and developing talented Buddhists.

The new abbot Dharma Master Shi Ruo Hui will preside over all aspects of Hua Zang Si’s mission and operations. The outgoing abbot Dharma Master Shi Long Hui will no longer serve at any position at Hua Zang Si but is still a member of the temple’s monastics. She is the director of the Hua Zang Buddhist Institute and the chairperson of the International Buddhism Sangha Association.

In order to correctly propagate Buddha-dharma and broadly save living beings, after the new abbot’s inauguration, Hua Zang Si will review, rectify, and reestablish Hua Zang Si’s disciplines of practice and rules of pure conduct. The new abbot made this vow to H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, Sakyamuni Buddha, and all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the ten directions:

Hua Zang Si will absolutely abide by the precepts and disciplines and will rigorously enforce the Temple’s rules to benefit all living beings. No selfish conduct or fraudulent practice is permitted. Hua Zang Si will follow the dharma instead of following people, and will follow the precepts instead of following personal feelings. All matters will be handled by the Temple’s rules of purity. Any action of violation will be banned without exception.

Monastics at Hua Zang Si shall cultivate and practice in accord with the Buddha’s teaching and Buddha-dharma, to listen respectfully to the recorded dharma lessons, complete the mandatory dharma practice every day, and attend the morning and evening sessions of chanting to beseech good fortune for the great masses. Being located in the United States of America, the Temple must serve people in the USA and serve local communities. Monastics of the Temple are not permitted to form sects or small circles and are prohibited from stirring up matters of rights and wrongs between people. Members of the monastics must cultivate diligently and must not slacken for relaxation and comfort. Monastics of the Temple cannot show an impolite attitude toward visitors and, rather, should warmly and patiently receive them and be caring, loving, and helpful to all.

Additionally, the Temple welcomes very much any eminent monk or great virtuous one to give discourses on the sutras or expound Buddha-dharma or hold certain public activities. However, anyone intending to do so must first go to the Dharma Affair Office to request a sign for propagating Buddha-dharma. This rule also applies to any member of the monastics at the Temple. Without being issued such a sign, no one is permitted to gather a crowd to expound the dharma or give a discourse.

Abbot Dharma Master Ruo Hui mentioned that all members of the monastics at Hua Zang SI shall rigorously abide by and carry out the teaching of Buddha-dharma and the teaching of cautions and warnings to cultivators by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III and Sakyamuni Buddha. We should follow the teaching and follow the dharma without any reduction to remove and exterminate attachment to self, to spread Buddha-dharma to benefit sentient beings, and to make real contributions to the prosperity and flourishing of the United States of America, peace and safety in the world, and living beings’ happiness and auspiciousness, perfect good fortune and wisdom, and attaining liberation and accomplishment.


Hua Zang Si (Seal)

October 10, 2015