Horseshoe Crab Rescue & Blessings Dharma Assembly held in Delaware

Published on May 27, 2013

Horseshoe Crab Rescue and Blessing Ceremony, 2013Buddhists gather on Pickering Beach, Delaware to conduct a Horseshoe Crab Rescue and Blessing Dharma Assembly. Every year hundreds of thousands of horseshoe crabs die from being stranded up-side-down on the beaches of the Delaware Bay and along the Atlantic coast from Maine to Florida as they come ashore to spawn, unable to return to their marine habitat. This ceremony, led by Rinpoche’s from the Dharmadhatu Center of Delaware and the Tathagata Dharma Association of Maryland, together with buddhists from five states, bless these animals, while those attending the ceremony help enable the stranded ones to return to the sea. This is the fifh year the Dharmadhatu Center has held such a ceremony in Delaware.