An Ordinary Being Had Nothing to Show When Taking Exam of Holiness and Virtue; A Superior Person Emerged Who Is a Dharma Master Possessing Power of Realization

Published on August 11, 2014

(Reported from Los Angeles) On August 6, 2014, the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters (UIWBAH) held an exam of holiness and virtue at the preliminary level at a temple in the Greater Los Angeles area at the request of Buddhist Mr. Li from Taiwan. Including the proctoring seven masters and ten witnesses, there are altogether more than thirty people witnessing the exam. During the exam, Mr. Li did not show any holy realization. The result of the exam showed that he structurally was still an ordinary person, not a holy virtuous one. Right after Mr. Li was found not passing the exam, Dharma Master Shi Jian Hui who is at the level of three Sumeru wheels was invited by the master of ceremony to demonstrate the power of Buddha-dharma for benefiting living beings. Dharma Master Jian Hui was instructed to sit on the stool that Mr. Li had just sat to practice the dharma. It was seen that she chanted the mantra seven times and then started to release her power of realization. In only about 20 seconds, the expected image miraculously appeared.

Usually, the chairman of UIWBAH Dharma King Gar Tongstan would have been present to preside this exam of holiness and virtue at the preliminary level. However, he did not attend on that day. Instead, the exam was presided by the secretary-general of the International Buddhism Sangha Association (IBSA) Great Dharma Master Shi Jue Hui. Eight dharma masters were proctoring at the site. Other than the presiding Shi Jue Hui, there were Shi Jian Hui, Shi Zheng Xue, Shi Zheng Xiang, Shi Zheng Liao, Shi Ru Hai, Shi Ruo Ke, and Shi Liao Hui. Additionally, ten rinpoches were proctoring, including nine rinpoches from Taiwan who are the leading Gama Yixi Chokyi Gyatso, Sangwa Baima, Duiji Nanbu, Qimei Sangbo, Renqin Resong, Wangquu Niji, Gongga Rinqin, Dungong Zhuba, and Sangdun Chuba, and Jiangja Rinpoche who lives locally in the Los Angeles area. Including acaryas and other Buddhists present, there were altogether more than 30 people.

The presiding Dharma Master Shi Jue Hui stated explicitly that the exam of holiness and virtue held by UIWBAH on that day was at the preliminary level. The exam has only two outcomes. If one passed the exam, the person is a holy virtuous one. Not passing the exam means the person is an ordinary being. There is no result of a third type. UIWBAH will issue a certificate of holiness and virtue with one Sumeru wheel to the person who passes this exam. Not passing means this person does not possess holy realization, is still an ordinary being, and therefore does not possess the qualification of a holy virtuous one. She seriously urged people to remember that one who is not a holy virtuous one impersonating as a holy virtuous one is definitely a demonic person.

After the proctoring officers had been seated, the presiding Dharma Master Shi Jue Hui read the application for taking the exam of holiness and virtue from Mr. Li, who is a Buddhist from Taipei, Taiwan. Mr. Li is a burly person and was sitting on a white-colored stool. Behind him were the more than 30 proctors and observers.

The master of ceremony announced that this exam was fair to all and explicit to see without any personal decision. The result will be seen by all. She told the exam taker, “You applied for the exam of cultivated realization power. Therefore, no hollow theory is examined today. The exam is only on true realization power. You can decide for yourself whether you want to chant mantras or recite sutras to exert your supernatural power. Being able to apply your power of realization to demonstrate supernatural power away from your body will qualify you as possessing the power of realization of a holy and virtuous one. Otherwise, you are an ordinary being.”

Two years ago, the exam taker Mr. Li declared him as a holy virtuous one and committed serious offense to the precepts. Because of that, IBSA expelled him. That was why this Buddhist Mr. Li wanted to come this time to see and prove whether he had true realization power and submitted the application for taking the exam to UIWBAH. In the end, the exam on that day proved that he was still an ordinary being. However, the proctoring officers encouraged him, “Actually, it is good that you applied to take the exam on your own initiation. Not passing the exam this time only says you are not a holy virtuous one now. It does not mean that you will not become a holy virtuous one in the future. You should not feel discouraged. As long as you can earnestly and respectfully listen to the recorded dharma lessons expounded by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, learn and study the Supreme and Unsurpassable Mahamudra of Liberation and Expounding the Absolute Truth through the Heart Sutra, and study the public announcements from the Office of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, you will cultivate concretely, establish the correct knowledge and views, and elevate yourself. When you do possess the realization power of a holy person, come to take the exam again.”

After that, the presiding Dharma Master Shi Jue Hui made a request to the eminent monks and great virtuous ones present to invite a holy virtuous one to manifest the realization power of a holy person, to let people all see supernatural power applied to a distance away from one’s body. She asked who would like to serve as an example to manifest the realization power. However, no one responded after she had asked several times. Due to the lack of a volunteer, she asked Great Dharma Master Shi Jian Hui.

Holy and virtuous one Jian Hui had the world-astounding feat of flying at a speed of 700 kilometers per hour. She is a disciple of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. Holy and virtuous one Jian Hui replied, “For the purpose of benefiting all living beings, I will be the example to manifest the realization power of cultivation!” She then sat onto the same stool that Mr. Li had sat when taking the exam and was ready to take the exam in the same manner.

As watched by all, holy and virtuous one Jian Hui practiced a short mantra seven times and, in less than half a minute, put her hands down on her kneels to open up the state of realization. After about 20 seconds, the power of realization was demonstrated and the image appeared in front of her at a distance of about 4 meters (13 feet) very clearly without ambiguity. The surrounding crowd was greatly astounded and praised with surprise that the difference between a holy person and a mundane one was just so great!

At this time, Dharma Master Jue Hui proclaimed, “Did you all see? A holy one is holy and a mundane one is mundane. Good heavens! She is really a superior person of holiness and virtue. That was too fast! That was too fast!” People who were present praised, “Great! Great! The difference between holy and mundane is not to be compared in a same category!” The master of ceremony announced, “Now we all saw supernatural power applied to a distance away from her body. She is truly a holy virtuous one with the power of realization!”

Dharma Master Jue Hui then emphasized to the crowd that, regardless of whether one is a holy virtuous one or an ordinary person, being a Buddhist, one must seriously, earnestly, and respectfully listen to the recorded dharma lessons expounded by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, follow H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III’s teaching, cultivate oneself in concrete steps, and truly be a cultivator who is selflessly benefiting living beings. She said, “This is what we have to do.”

One of the proctoring officers at this exam Gama Yixi Chokyi Gyatso recalled the mentality of the proctoring officers, acaryas, and other Buddhists present at that time. He said that upon seeing holy and virtuous one Jian Hui demonstrating her realization power in less than half a minutes all were greatly awed in mind. They all said, “We didn’t know that the difference between a holy person and a mundane one was so great!” Before that, when Buddhist Mr, Li was taking the exam, time was elapsing by seconds and minutes but nothing happened. People were expecting that some kind of holy power should be seen during the last five minutes. Otherwise how could he have declared to be a holy virtuous one? However, the entire period of the exam had passed but Mr. Li was still in a state of ordinary being without bringing up the slightest trace of holy power. On the other hand, holy and virtuous one Jian Hui greatly demonstrated her supernatural power at a distance away from her body to make the image appear. People who were present all learn with their own eyes that a holy person is completely different from a mundane one! Someone said that one who does not have the ability will not be able to show supernatural power away from the body even in a dream!

Gama Yixi Chokyi Gyatso who is a reincarnated rinpoche recognized by Dharma King Xiazhu Qiuyang who is well-known in Tibetan regions said, “This exam is too good! A true holy and virtuous one should be asked to come and take the exam. Only the realization power of Buddha-dharma can protect living beings’ life of acquiring wisdom. That is to say, what is false cannot be made true and what is true will not be seen as false!”

Date of reporting: August 11, 2014

(Translated from a news report in Chinese published in the Las Vegas Chinese Newspaper on August 12, 2014, which can be found online at