This major Chinese mahayana school was based on the Avatamsaka Sutra (Hua-Yen or Flower Garland Sutra). It was founded by Ta-shun (557-640) and Fa-tsang (Hsien-shou 643-712) and reached its peak during the Tang Dynasty in China. In the mahayana tradition this sutra is considered the first sermon given by the Buddha after His enlightenment and is centered on the philosophy of interpenetration and mutual containment of all phenonena, often depicted in the image of “Indra’s Net.” It was taught to Bodhisattvas and celestial beings and contains the Gandavyuha, Dashabhumika, and Amitayurdhana Sutras. It is not part of the Pali Canon, but its metaphysics were completely assimilated by the Ch’an School. There are still followers of this tradition in the West within certain Chinese communities.