Dharma Protectors

The Sanskrit term dharmapala literally means the guardian of the dharma.  For the protection of its teachings and institutions, the vajrayana called upon this group of beings who can also be invoked by the individual practitioner. Dharma protectors are sometimes emanations of Buddhas or Bodhisattvas, and sometimes spirits, celestial beings,animals, or even demons who have been subjugated by a Great Master and bound under oath. Dakinis are also considered dharma protectors. When you have the desire to benefit and make happy all sentient beings and keep your precepts, the dharma protectors will come to protect and uphold your practice, wipe out your demonic obstructions and assist you in becoming accomplished. The dharma protectors will safeguard your road to liberation. The dharma protectors will not allow nectar to be bestowed or other initiations to take place unless the recipients are qualified according to the dharma. It is the dharma protectors who will open your chakras to enable you to receive supernormal powers. If the holy dharmapalas are properly evoked by one who practices the correct dharma, they can also bestow blessings and empowerment that will enable that person to quickly become an enlightened holy being.

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