Section X

xuanfa: To propagate or disseminate dharma.

xuixing: To cultivate or improve oneself by reflection and correcting one’s behavior. The means to enlightenment. See “What Is Cultivation?

Xuan Zang or Hsuan-Tsang (600-664 ): One of the foremost translators of Chinese Buddhist texts and a great Bodhisattva and enlightened master in his own right who lived during the early Tang Dynasty, a golden age for Buddhism in China. During his early years as a monk in China he became aware of a number of doctrinal controversies concerning the mahayana teachings, particularly those of the Yogachara. He then decided to journey to India in 629 to resolve his own doubts and to bring back authoritative texts that would help establish the correct teachings in China. After his fourteen (or seventeen) year journey, he established a translation bureau under imperial patronage. He succeeded in translating the major Yogachara texts as well as many others. His teachings and translations served as the foundation for what was considered the orthodox Consciousness-Only School (Fa-hsiang) in China. A fictionalized and very popular version of his trip to India became the Chinese classic,Journey to the West.  See presentation in Las Vegas for statue of Xuan Zang.