Section W

water: One of the four or six elements. See Surangama Sutra for story of Pure Youth Moonlight who contemplated water to achieve enlightenment.

wealth: See Wealth.

Wei Tuo Fo: See “Skanda Bodhisattva.”

Western Paradise of Ultimate Bliss : The Sanskrit word is “Sukhavati” which literally means “the Blissful.” It is the Western Paradise or the pure land of the west which is reined over by Amitabha Buddha who created it by his karmic merit. There are nine levels in this paradise.

What Is Cultivation? Discourse given by His Holiness Dorje Chang Buddha III outlining the steps and the correct sequence of those steps to be followed in becoming a holy person and liberated from samsara. It is contained in H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III.

Wheel of Life. See the Maha-Nidana Sutta. and “King Yama .”

wisdom: See prajna.

wonderful existence: The term in Chinese is “miao you.” It has also been translated as wonderful existence, absolute reality (as contrasted with the superficial reality of phenomena), and supernatural existence. See also “true void.”

Wu-Tai Shan: One of the five sacred mountains in China that is the bodhimanda for Manjushri Bodhisattva.