Section O

obscurations, two (drippa nyi): The obscuration of conflicting emotions and the obscuration of knowledge.

Oddiyana: See “Uddiyana.”

omniscience:  Knowledge of all things.

O’mi-tuo Fo:  See “Amitabha Buddha.”

orbs: See “Dharma Wheel Mandalas.”

ordinary beings or people (fanfu): Living beings who are not enlightened and are thus bound to the cycle of reincarnation or rebirth.

original nature: See SEVEN JEWELS.

other-emptiness:  See “shentong view.”

outer tantra: The generally known or unhidden tantra. Most tantra initiations are of this type. See Tantra.

outflows: Someone who is said to be without outflows is one who has attained the state of being patient with the non-production of dharmas: no outflows of desire, no outflows of existence, and no outflows of ignorance. They do not fall into the three spheres or realms. See “asravas.”