Contributions to the Xuanfa Institute

There are many ways you can contribute to the Xuanfa Institute and help in its mission to propagate the correct dharma of Dorje Chang Buddha and Shakyamuni Buddha. Many come and help build improvements, paint, clean, repair, and provide technical, professional, and other support. The Institute, the Holy Vajrasana Temple and Retreat Center, the Xuanfa Five Vidyas University, and its other activities all depend on volunteer help. We also depend on cash contributions to establish and maintain this endeavor. We want our classes and retreats to be either free or provided at as low a price as possible. At present, all donations go to the Xuanfa Institute, but we do maintain separate funds for different activities. Some projects and items may have a small plaque bearing the name of the donor and/or a dedication to a family member or friend or special event, as appropriate. What better way to remember a loved one than to have a beautiful bench or a lofty tree or an auspicious prayer wheel or piece of sacred sculpture or even a humble hospice cabin named for that person and enjoyed by everyone who visits this holy site? Others want to help monastics attend retreats or want to contribute to the Stupa of Vajra Manifestations commemorating H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III coming to this world and all the holy events that have ocurred at this site. And many just want to give wherever it is needed. The first paramita is generosity and this generosity of the heart is a most important part of our practice and can be expressed so many ways. Beeching Blessings is another way to donate while seeking the blessings from the Holy Vajra Poles and the offerings made to the Buddha, Bodhisattvas, and Dharma Protectors who guard them. You can find many projects that need and deserve your support here.

Please fill in this form and send to the Xuanfa Institute, PO Box 272, Sanger, CA  93657  along with your check made out to the Xuanfa Institute. You may also use Paypal or contact our Treasurer for wire transfers and other ways of making donations.


I am enclosing a donation of $___________________ to help the Xuanfa Institute develop its facilities and enable serious students to come, learn, study, and practice the teachings of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III and Shakyamuni Buddha at the first Vajra Throne in the West. I would like this donation to be applied to the following fund(s) as follows:

$__________________­_____­­­­­ General Fund (will be used wherever needed)

$_______________________ Stupa of Vajra Manifestations Fund

$_______________________Long-term Retreat Fund (New retreat center & cabins)

$_______________________ Xuanfa Monastic Fund

(enables monks & nuns to do retreats at the Vajrasana Temple and Retreat Center and/or enroll in classes at Xuanfa Five Vidyas University):

Specific projects or items:

$______________“Flaming Wish-Fulfilling Jewel” carved Tibetan post and Corbel ($3,500 each)

$______________ Copper prayer wheels for walkway on New Addition ($750 each)

$______________ Hospice cabin

$______________Other (See List of current projects needing funding):


The Xuanfa Institute is a non-profit organization established to help living beings. Your contributions are tax-deductible.

Name: ___________________________________________




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