Beseeching Blessings

How can you help develop the Holy Vajrasana Temple & Retreat Center and receive the blessings from this holy place? We have started the process of remodeling the existing structure so that it can comply with local codes and provide a temple and place where many can come and learn the true Buddha-dharma of Shakyamuni Buddha and His teacher Dorje Chang Buddha and take short-term meditation retreats where they can practice these teachings. We are developing the site of the Holy Vajra Poles and building a Bodhighara (Bodhi Tree Shrine) where pilgrims can make offerings and show their respect. We hope to add several individual cabins for longer retreats in 2014 as well as a Long-Term Retreat Facility in the near future. The covered walkway leading to the Holy Vajra Poles will house twenty-one prayer wheels that will contain billions of mantras and also a shrine containing the Holy Vajra Pill that came to this site. We will place the names of those whom you wish to receive the blessings of the Holy Vajra Poles and leave them there for a predetermined period of time according to the following schedule:

Color Code of Donor

Amount of Donation

Length of time Blessings List remains under prayer wheel

Gold $10,000 or more Forever (sealed under a prayer wheel
Silver $  1,000 1 year
Red $     500 6 months
Green $     100 1 month
Blue $       50 2 weeks


You may print the names of those whom you want to receive the blessings from the Holy Vajra Poles on a piece of paper no larger than 2½ x 3½ inches (6.3×8.8 cm) and send it to the Xuanfa Institute, PO Box 272, Sanger, CA  93657 or email your information to and we will print it on a card for you. It will be inserted in a specially blessed colored envelope and placed under one of the Twenty-One Prayer Wheels to be located on the covered walkway leading to the Holy Vajra Poles. Each time someone passes & turns this prayer wheel, it will be like a million sacred mantras chanted to the Buddhas,Bodhisattvas, and Vajra Beings who watch over these poles and will beseech the blessings from these Buddhas & Bodhisattvas for happiness, auspiciousness and an increase in good fortune and wisdom for you, your loved ones, and all living beings.

We hope you can visit the Holy Vajrasana Temple soon, experience the blessings of the Holy Vajra Poles, & attend the various retreats and events at the Holy Vajrasana Temple & Retreat Center and quickly become accomplished.