The Shurangama Sutra-II

Table of Contents

Volume 1
Part 1: Ánanda and Matangi’s Daughter
Part 2: Ananda Repents and Requests Explanation of Shamatha, Samapatti, and Dhyana 
The Way to Shamatha: King of the Foremost Shurangama at the Great Buddha’s Crown Replete with the Myriad Practices Samadhi
Ananda’s Request for Instruction
Ignorance of the Two Fundamental Roots
The Path of Shamatha

Volume 2
Blind Man Seeing 
The Guest and the Host Analogy
King Prasenajit on the Aging Body
Ananda Asks Question on Going About Things in an Upside-down Way
Pointing a Finger at the Moon
Manjushri Manjushri Asks about the Essence of Seeing as Being both Form and Emptiness and as Being Neither of Them
The Four Conditions of Emptiness, Brightness, the Mind, and the Eyes
The Wonderful Path of Cultivation for All Samadhis of the Great Dharani

Volume 3
Part 1: The Five Skandhas are Wonderful Existence (True Suchness)
Part 2: The Eighteen Realms are Wonderful Existence
Ananda Requests Explanation of the Middle Way

Volume 4
Part 1: Purna Requests Clarification on the Arising of Phenomena
Part 2: The Five Layers of Turbidity
Opposing the Flow, Deeply Entering the One Door, and Causing the Six Organs to Become Pure

Volume 5
The Dharma to Eliminate Deep-rooted Defilements

A Bodhisattva’s Patience with Non-Production
The Buddha Asks the Twenty-five Great Bodhisattvas and Great Arhats How They Attained Enlightenment
Thirty-two Response-bodies
Fourteen Powers of Bestowing Fearlessness
Four Inconceivable and Effortless Wonderful Virtues
Dharma Prince Manjuishri’s Verses

Volume 6 
Three Non-Outflow Studies (Three Principal Teachings–The Precepts, Samadhi, and Wisdom)
The Precepts-Lusting
The Precepts-Killing
The Precepts-Stealing
The Precepts-Lying

Light Atop the Buddha’s Crown Unsurpassed Spiritual Mantra

Ananda’s Question: What Are the Stages of the Bodhisattva Path?
The Proper Path of Cultivation
The Twelve Categories of Beings

Volume 7
Three Gradual Stages
First Gradual Stage: Getting Rid of the Aiding Causes-Eating Pungent Plants
Second Gradual Stage: Cutting Out the Very Essence of Karmic Offenses
Third Gradual Stage: Preventing the Manifestation of Karma

Stage of Dry Wisdom: Fifty-five Stages of the True Bodhi Path
The Ten Minds
The Ten Dwellings
The Ten Conducts (Practices)
The Ten Transferences
The Four Aiding Practices
The Ten Grounds (Bhumis) or Stages of Cultivation
Equal Enlightenment

Naming of the Sutra

Ananda’s Question: Are these hells fixed places, or do they arise spontaneously?
Part 1: The Internal Aspect
Part 2: The External Aspect

The Desire Realm
The Ten Habitual Causes
The Six Retributions
The Types of Hell
Rebirth as a Ghost
Rebirth as an Animal
Rebirth as Human Beings
Heavenly Rebirth
Ten Kinds of Immortals

The Form Realm
The First Dhyana
The Second Dhyana
The Third Dhyana 
The Fourth Dhyana
The Five Heavens of No Return

The Formless Realm

Four Categories of Asuras

Volume 8
Part 1–Form Skandha 
Part 2–Feeling Skandha
Part 3–Thinking (Perception) Skandha

Part 4–Formations (Impulses) Skandha
Part 5–Consciousness Skandha