Vajra Poles

The most amazing and mysterious manifestation of supernatural events at the Xuanfa Institute was the empowerment of the Holy Vajra Poles. On November 8, 2010, after the appearance of many supernatural manifestations, a metal pole began to quake at the Xuanfa Institute after a discussion was held to cut it down. Zhaxi Zhuoma reported this matter to Her Buddha Master, H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III who laughed and said that she  absolutely should not cut down the pole; the Dharma Protectors had come and were making their presence known. This was a sort of Vajra Pole that the dharma protectors were using to tell us how pleased they were with what was happening here. This was all most auspicious and I should record this holy event for others. She found out later that this was a sign of something even more significant and wonderful that was beginning to manifest at the site. The true nature of this place as a holy place for enlightenment was being revealed. she learned that this was a sort of portal to another dimension whereby deities could communicate with living beings in this realm.
The following news articles document this phenomena:

Documentary Made of the Recognition of the Site of the Fourth Vajra Throne in the World

Fourth Vajra Throne Revealed

Visitors to Xuanfa Institute come to receive the blessings of the Vajra Poles