H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III has told us that if we do not attain liberation, we must continue revolving in the cycle of birth and death.  Revolving in the cycle of birth and death, we must suffer and die. If you do not escape from the suffering of birth and death, you should not think that in your next life you will become a human being. One does not become a human being simply because one wants to. To end the cycle one must properly cultivate oneself and truly learn Buddhism. One must do things to benefit mankind and propagate the correct Buddha-dharma of the Tathagata. Everything in life is false and the only thing of importance is ending the cycle of birth and death. Our Buddha Master warned us that “If you cannot end the cycle of birth and death in this lifetime after having following me, then it will be difficult for you to do so in future lifetimes. Every disciple who took refuge in the four or three-jewels must respect them and must study the Buddha-dharma humbly and cultivate himself. Second he must study the Tripitaka and the Buddha books by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III and follow what the books say and listen to dharma lectures whenever possible. Third, your Master will confer to you the Tantra according to the principles. Tantra is indispensable. With all these, you will have no problem in leaving the cycle of life and death in this lifetime.”

Relatives of Western Disciple of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III Go to Western Paradise of Ultimate Bliss