Good Fortune

Good Fortune is symbolized by the Chinese characters “fu bao” which are usually translated as having abundant happiness and blessings or living a “good life” including having high status, good health, and longevity. It also includes being free of calamities or avoiding disasters as expressed by the Chinese “mian zai.” However, like many of these Buddha-dharma “jewels” it has a deeper meaning as well. It also represents the accumulation of merit, one of the two accumulations or resources necessary to become a Buddha. You accumulate merit to acquire the body of a Buddha. The other is the accumulation of wisdom. You accumulate wisdom to acqure the mind of a Buddha. You acquire good fortune by practicing the basic precepts of the Buddha: “Cease Evil, Do Good, and Help Others.”

There are many aspects of Good Fortune that we need to understand in taking the “Quick Path to Enlightenment.” This includes its “worldly” aspects as well as its holy qualities. Since your fortune is determined by the laws of karma, it is also important that you have an understanding of karma as well.

The Eight Auspicious Symbols


Acquiring Worldly Blessings

Wealth & Prosperity

Outward Appearances


This Precious Birth