Dream of the Jewel Mirror

The image of the Jewel Mirror came to Zhaxi Zhuoma in a dream. It was such an unusual and vivid dream that she told her vajra master, H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, about it only to have His Holiness laugh and say, “But of course, that’s the magical Buddha-dharma that I have been trying to teach you. Use that image as a means of expounding the Dharma!” The sun and the moon together are used as symbols for the highest Buddha-dharma. They are symbols for the Dharmakaya or the Adharma Buddha as well as for nonduality and attainment. You can see them on the lineage charts on this web-site and in various forms on the top of holy stupas all over the world as well as other holy places.

Because she wanted to introduce this system of practice to living beings n the West, she studied the many, many lineage streams that had developed in India, China, Tibet, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia and had come to America. Brief introductions to a few of the leaders in these transmissions are included on this web site as well as a lineage chart showing how all of these methods originated from the same holy source, Dorje Chang Buddha.