Seven-Branch Bodhicitta Dharma

His Holiness Dorje Chang Buddha III  has given us two methods of developing bodhichitta: the “Dharma of Great Compassion for All Living Beings as My Mother Bodhicitta” and the “Dharma of Bodhisattva Correspondence Bodhicitta.”

Great Compassion for My Mother Bodhicitta Dharma

  1. Understanding who my mother is
  2. Bearing in mind kindness
  3. Repaying kindness
  4. Loving-kindness
  5. Compassion
  6. Renouncing greed
  7. Eliminating attachment

Bodhisattva Correspondence Bodhicitta Dharma

  1. Self and others are equal bodhicitta
  2. Exchange between self and others bodhicitta
  3. Benefit others before self bodhicitta
  4. Dedicating merit bodhicitta
  5. Fearlessly protect the dharma bodhicitta
  6. Effectively lead others to correct practice bodhicitta
  7. Renouncing myself to help others build good karma bodhicitta
See discourse on “What is Cultivation?” for a more complete description of these methods and the cultivation of bodhichitta in the book H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III