The Other Vidyas

For the Buddha-dharma relating to  the Inner Vidya and Logic Vidya go to the Tripitaka and Tantra sites as well as the Classic Commentaries by the most accomplished holy ones who have realization.


  • Medicine Tantras –The Gyu-zhi

Art and Technology

  • Yun Sculpture:  The World’s First Mysterious Works of Art by Master Wan Ko Yee
  • The Collected Paintings of Master Wan Ko Yee
  • Painting: The Zenith of Colors, The abstract paintings of Master Wan Ko Yee
  • Collected Plum Blossom Paintings, Calligraphy, Poems, and Songs by Master Wan Ko Yee


  • The Collected Songs of Cold Mountain, Red Pine (See Han Shan-Shih Te)