Vajra Yoga Perfection-Part I

Transmitted by the Supreme Leader of Esoteric Buddhism

Great Dharma King Yangwo Yisinubu

 A True Account; Words of Praise

Great Dharma King Master Yangwo Yisinubu, who is the supreme leader of Esoteric Buddhism, entered into undefiled samadhi.  Having the sacred awakened mind, he takes pity upon living beings.  Through his wisdom which is as vast as the ocean, he realized that the spiritual accomplishments of practitioners of Buddhism are slight and those who are spiritually accomplished are few. The main reason for this is that they do not understand the true meaning of the teachings of the Buddhas.  Most the time most of them simply discuss lofty, empty viewpoints or follow worldly trends.  They mistakenly take the teachings of their lineages as the standard for determining what is the true Buddha-dharma. They do not take the true Buddha-dharma as the standard for what they should rely upon.  They blindly interpret and practice the dharma.  If they do not commit major offenses then they commit minor offenses. Moreover, they do not give rise to an awakened mind and do not have great compassion as their foundation.  They make vows, yet their practice and actions produce negative karma.   What they do is often insulting to the true meaning of the 84,000 dharma methods taught by the Buddha.   Present day cultivators have many of these negative tendencies.

Yangwo cannot bear to see people enter the wrong path in their wholehearted pursuit of the Buddha-dharma. In order to propagate the correct dharma of Sakyamuni Buddha, the Master specially instructed me on the Vajra Yoga Perfection Accomplishment Dharma secretly transmitted by the Buddhas.  At the time he was instructing me on this dharma the palace of Mara shook. Mara’s assistants then lost their supernormal powers.  As a consequence, Mara became sad and furious.  In a certain year on May 2 of the lunar calendar, the day when the Master completed his teaching of the text of this dharma, Mara was so furious that he decided to destroy this dharma.  Mara decided to first destroy Yangwo since the next day Yangwo was going to recite mantras to complete the ceremony, transmit this dharma to certain Great Virtuous Ones, Rinpoches and Dharma Teachers and perform an initiation for them so that they could propagate this dharma and cause living beings to become accomplished.

That same day, May 2nd, between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m., Mara, in a state of ignorance and with lightening speed, suddenly exhibited his unsurpassed diabolical powers and attacked Yangwo. His arrival was invisible. The dharma protecting deities could not oppose him so quickly. The Master’s breath was suddenly cut off and he died.  After he died the color of his body was as white as white jade.  His body was as cold as ice.  His pulse stopped.  Yangwo left the human realm and entered into the intermediary existence between death and the next reincarnation. At this time the dharma protecting deities called the Dakinis who then arrived. Their three karmas perfectly correspond with the Vajra Yoga Perfection Dharma. Yangwo exposed this dharma while he was abiding in emptiness.

Suddenly, the awe-inspiring Kuan Yin appeared. Mara fled in defeat. The Master finally returned to the human realm.  On May 3rd the experiences of the prior day were written down.  Yangwo, the dharma protecting deities and the Dakinis were empowered by the Buddhas. Suddenly, I smelled an unusually fragrant scent.  It was quite strong.  No other fragrance in this world can compare with its wondrous quality.  The Dakinis and the dharma protecting deities also benefited.

Yangwo stated as follows:

“I, Yangwo, vow that the following four things are true:

(1)    In a certain year on May 2nd of the lunar calendar, I completed the teaching of the written text of the dharma.  On May 3rd I was going to recite mantras to complete the ceremony.

(2)    The time when Mara harmed me was May 2nd of that year between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. Mara killed me.

(3)    The awe-inspiring Kuan Yin appeared, saved me and brought me back to the human realm.

(4)    The next morning when the performance of the ceremony was completed and the text was written down, an unusually fragrant scent filled the air.

If any of these four things are lies or fabrications, I, Yangwo, am willing to descend into the hell of uninterrupted suffering. If they are true, may I and all living beings receive blessings and wisdom, soon realize the supreme bodhi, the three bodies and the four wisdoms.” 

Because the Master takes pity upon living beings, he has made such a vow.  It is thus clear that this Vajra Yoga Perfection Dharma is the greatest enemy of death. It is the supreme, perfect Vajra dharma to save living beings. Therefore, it caused Mara to become furious.  Mara wanted to kill Master Yangwo in order to cut off this supreme dharma.  As virtue rises one foot, vice rises ten. Great dharma attracts great demons.  Small dharma attracts small demons.  When Sakyamuni Buddha, the World Honored One, was alive, the army of Mara often engaged in long battles with him.  Sariputta, a great disciple of the Buddha, was heavily attacked by demon Liseh, which almost destroyed his spiritual achievements. The venerable Bai, one of great accomplishment in the Kuan Yin dharma, could summon the dharma protecting deities in the heavens.  The seven dragons worshipped him in the South Sea.  He was attacked by Mara in Beijing and the Buddhas saved him and brought him back to life.

Whenever a practitioner is attacked by Mara, he should wholeheartedly recite the core of this Vajra Yoga Perfection Dharma or he should give rise to a completely detached mind.   In this way, Mara will not be able to hurt you.  The Master already entered into the intermediary existence between death and the next reincarnation.  He wanted to quickly return to this world in order to teach this dharma.  One can truly see from this the power of the awe-inspiring Kuan Yin.  Small demons will all the more be conquered by it.


Note by the attendant:

The Master has thoroughly mastered the exoteric and esoteric dharma and is proficient in the Five Vidyas. He has completely mastered the four Yoga Perfection Groups of the esoteric Vajrayana.  Moreover, he is a Great Dharma King who is the supreme leader of Esoteric Buddhism.  He said, “In practicing the Buddha-dharma, one cannot differentiate between great dharma and small dharma.  If the dharma is whole and if the dharma received corresponds with the recipient, then it is a great dharma.  The teacher should not divide the dharma into great and small.”  He also said, “I have practiced the Kalachakra Vajra, the highest Yamantaka Vajra, the Shangle Vajra, the Great Perfect Wonderful Wisdom, the Tuoge, the Five Mahamudras, the Seven Day Accomplishment Dharma, etc.  These should be considered as the topmost dharmas of Esoteric Buddhism. Of course, the powerful response invoked from practicing these dharmas has been tremendous.  However, none of these dharmas have caused Mara to become furious.  Today after I taught the dharma, Mara and his army became flustered and arrived to destroy this dharma.  One can thus see that this dharma deserves to be regarded as the greatest of the great dharmas.  The Vajra Yoga Perfection Accomplishment Dharma is the most sacred dharma.  Hence, the Buddhas referred to it as the unequalled dharma of the Vajrayana. What occurred today shows that this is the truth.”

Practitioners should reflect upon the words of the Master.  One of great cultivation does not lie, not to mention that the Master took a vow of truth out of great compassion.  If we do not now devoutly request this dharma and practice according to this dharma, then when will we do so?  Although at this moment we may be unable to request an Inner Esoteric Initiation, we should immediately request an Outer Esoteric Initiation in order to create the proper dharma conditions to practice this dharma.  Ending the cycle of birth and death is of utmost importance.  Changes come quickly.  There is no time to wait.



This dharma is the Kuan Yin Bodhisattva Accomplishment Esoteric Dharma which belongs to the Vajra Supreme Group.  It is Esoteric Yoga Dharma which has been passed down by Master Yangwo Yisinubu together with the Tibetan Buddhist sage, Venerable Master Tantanggarbo [Dharma King Tangtong Gyalpo], since the fifteenth century.  There are numerous people who have become accomplished after practicing, step by step, in accordance with this dharma.  One can be sure of accomplishment if one so practices. Tantanggarbo was born in 1261 and was reincarnated in 1489.  He continued to be reborn in Tibet up to the present time. In each lifetime he was a topmost holy Acarya. People of the world called him one of great accomplishment.  In one lifetime he was often taught by Kuan Yin Bodhisattva personally.

Master Yangwo teaches Vajra Acaryas the Inner Esoteric Dharma of the Supreme Group.  He himself performs the five types of Inner Esoteric Initiations (The five types of initiations belong to the Inner Esoteric dharma. At the time they are performed at the Buddhist altar, the Master can call upon the dharma protecting deities and have them display supernormal powers.) He has mastered both exoteric and esoteric dharma and is thoroughly conversant in the Five Vidyas.  He is the future Lion’s Roar Buddha.  In her book Dharma Which That Every Buddhist Must Follow, the female Holy Mother, Vajravarahi Ah Wang Nuo Bu Pa Mu, who has attained the highest accomplishment in Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism, praised Master Yangwo as being the highest Great Dharma King in today’s world.  Nevertheless, Master Yangwo told his disciples, “I am not the incarnation of a Bodhisattva.  I am an ordinary living being.  Since I practiced according to the dharma taught by my Buddha Master, I have attained wisdom.  I can therefore be your teacher.  If ordinary people practice according to the dharma, then they will be empowered by the Four Gems. When the karmic hindrances which have accumulated over previous lifetimes are eliminated, then one can become accomplished without being obstructed.  One should understand that the mind, the Buddhas and living beings all have the same dharma nature. There is no difference between the three.”

(1) Before one practices the Yoga Dharma, one should first practice the perfection of the four prayogas in combination with studying and practicing the series of books written byAh Wang Nuo Bu Pa Mu.  Then, one should receive the Inner Esoteric Initiation performed by a Dharma King who has mastered both the exoteric dharma and the esoteric dharma and who is thoroughly conversant in the Five Vidyas.  During the initiation at the mandala, the dharma protecting deities will witness transmission of the esoteric teachings on the three mystic things and transmission of this dharma.  This dharma will then correspond to or be suited for the practitioner. This is the most wonderful and perfect way to practice of this dharma.

(2) While those with superior innate faculties are studying and practicing the writings of Pa Mu and diligently practicing the four prayogas, they may vow to realize the Mahayana mind of enlightenment and energetically practice the six paramitas. Before their dharma conditions are mature to meet a Dharma King Master who can perform the Inner Esoteric Initiation, as long as they seriously cultivate themselves, Dharma King Yangwo will perform an initiation for them in his state of samadhi. Practicing this dharma after this type of initiation is in accord with the dharma.

Outline of Accomplishment:

(3) The Difference Between Truly Practicing and Falsely Practicing.

There is false practice and true practice of this Vajra Yoga Perfection Dharma.  Every other dharma is also like this.  False practice is easy.  True practice is difficult.  For those who find true practice easy, it is difficult for them to persevere in such practice.

What is false practice?  It is not applying the prayogas to one’s normal behavior in daily life.  This is false practice.  With respect to one’s main practice of meditation, one must recite mantras and visualize with a concentrated mind.  It is false practice when the body sits down to meditate but the mind does not sit down, when the mouth recites mantras but the mind does not or when in visualizing one recites mantras but the mind does not visualize.  One will not be able to move forward if one has spiritual skills yet does not practice the prayogas. If one practices the prayogas yet does not have spiritual skills, it is as if one has no feet.  If one only practices the prayogas and does not practice the main practice of meditation, it is as if one has no feet and cannot move forward at all.  If one only practices the main practice of meditation and does not practice the prayogas, one will be unable to reach the goal.  Therefore, practicing only one of the two is false practice. False practice will not bring any benefits.

What is true practice?  True practitioners are determined to learn the Buddha-dharma.  They will never quit the practice or regret having engaged in the practice.  They handle worldly matters based upon viewpoints which transcend the world.  Their three karmas of conduct, speech and thought reflect the teachings of the prayogas, which they put into practice. When they sit down to meditate, their body and mind both sit down.  When they recite mantras, their mind and mouth both recite them.  When they practice visualization their minds visualize as they recite the mantra.  Their three karmas become integrated.  From beginning to end they are the same.  This is true practice. True practitioners are able to correspond with this dharma.  They will become greatly accomplished.