Preface by Dzun Hai

I became a Buddhist when I was a child. I devoutly practiced the Pure Land School, the Ch’an School and Esoteric Buddhism. Various Masters were extremely compassionate toward me and taught me the correct dharma from which I received much benefit. I previously followed and received initiations from such Rinpoches as Gongga, Gensang and Duga. I practiced the esoteric dharma.  I deeply entered into the various doctrines of the Great Perfection. In my middle and later years, I became involved with the Tibetan sects of Nyingma, Gelug, Sakya and Kagyu. I was in close association with people of great virtue and Khutuktus who lived overseas. We advised each other and helped each other’s practice. I deeply entered into the mind of wisdom and awakening. My mind merged with the Buddhas. This caused my dharma conditions to suddenly ripen.

I heard that Master Yangwo came to China. I quickly went to pay my respects to him.  The Master was presciently aware that I would be visiting him. Before I visited him, the Master predicted what would occur during my visit.  The Master instructed someone to write this prediction down. What was written down and what in fact occurred during my visit was exactly the same.  It was as if he could see right through me.  After fifteen days he performed an initiation for me. I also underwent a seven day intensive practice. I saw many holy sights at the mandala. I saw the form of the mandala and the arrival of various Buddhas.

Fifteen days later I went to the Grey Rock Vajra Castle on Mt. Gadan. Great Dharma King Yangwo, the supreme leader of Esoteric Buddhism, compassionately instructed me on the dharma. The Master sat imposingly on his Vajra Lion Throne and manifested his dharma power. He is capable of calling upon the dharma protecting deities wherever he goes and have them display supernormal powers.  We were each to take a Vajra Yoga Perfection Dharma book. On top of the books was a Vajra scepter weighing about fifty to one hundred grams. Yet for those who could not pass the test, the scepter would become as heavy as five thousand kilograms. It would be immovable. Certain Rinpoches who also participated in this event rushed forward to take a book by lifting the scepter off the books but they failed. One of them, Suolang Danzhu, attempted to take one of the books by lifting the scepter. Suddenly, his hand was burnt by samadhi fire.  He screamed in pain as the fire penetrated into his heart and liver. They all wept since they failed to pass the test.

I again prostrated myself. I passed three different tests. It was as if I had drunk nectar. The scepter was so light. I felt wonderfully cool, refreshed and empowered. When I passed the third test, the samadhi fire suddenly appeared without burning me, which portends well. It is difficult to describe in words the dharma power which was exhibited. This is what really happened. I am not lying. I have cultivated myself for seventy years. That was the first time I came into contact with a true and supreme Dharma King and the supreme and correct dharma. Due to the empowerment of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, I and others had the good fortune of meeting such a Dharma King.