SECTION TWO: Vajra Yoga Perfection Dharma

Instruction Before Transmitting the Dharma

Translated By Dzun Hai

Great Dharma King Yangwo Yisinubu, who is the supreme leader of Esoteric Buddhism, instructed as follows: “Today, all of you seek the dharma from me. No matter whether you are a Master, a student, practice Ch’an Buddhism, have supernormal powers, have extraordinary wisdom, have extraordinary skills in chigong (qi gong) or even if you have perfect wisdom, I must first tell you something. Those who learn the Buddha-dharma from me are not allowed to discuss mysterious and strange things, indulge in high-sounding empty talk or constantly bring up how great one’s lineage is. Those who seek from me transmission of the Vajra Yoga Perfection Dharma are not allowed to separate themselves from reality by constantly speaking in a mystifying manner, constantly speaking of the Great Perfection, constantly speaking of the formless, undifferentiated dharma and constantly mentioning the Supreme Group.

“To tell you the truth, if your basic conduct in the world is not correct, to covetously seek high dharma is of no use.  My basic principle is that the Buddha-dharma is something which applies to worldly affairs. Therefore, one cannot separate out of the Buddha-dharma how one should live in the world in an enlightened manner. This is because the Buddha-dharma is based upon understanding the causes behind the coming together of the six great elements of the world. Everything that one does in the world, how one conducts oneself, how one lives, how one works and all of one’s worldly thoughts can be used to purify oneself. Learning the Buddha-dharma requires cultivating oneself. Cultivation means using all worldly experiences to improve one’s character and correct one’s conduct. It means having one’s conduct reflect all dharma which relates to worldly affairs. What is most basic in reflecting the dharma in one’s conduct is constantly practicing the six paramitas, the ten good characteristics, the four limitless states of mind, and the precepts.

“Before practicing these things, one must build a foundation by correcting one’s worldly ways step by step. Then one can progress deeper into the various practices in order to become one who selflessly benefits others, loves peace, and is respected and loved by other members of society. With this as one’s foundation, one can then practice the prayogasand the main practice and can combine the exoteric teachings with deep knowledge of the esoteric teachings.  In this way one can easily transcend the mundane and become one of great virtue.”