The True Signs of Virtue

Elder monk Dorje Losang, one of great perfection and great accomplishment, is the incarnation of the Venerable Vimala-prabha who has come to this world in response to its needs. He has the following ten great signs of virtue.

1. His visage is extraordinary. It is unlike the visage of an ordinary monk.

2. He does not accept even one cent of offerings from others.

3. He is over ninety years old and does not sleep during the day or night.

4. Between his eyebrows is auspicious Vajra hair.

5. He is able to cause holy bodhi water to penetrate through the bowl.

6. He is able to invite nectar down from the sky.

7. During initiations at the mandala, supernormal powers easily manifest.

8. His ability to increase one’s life span and raise the spirits of the dead to a higher realm is manifested on the spot.

9. After his disciples learn the dharma from him, the benefits they receive can be seen right away.

10. He possesses the state of realization of a Dharma King and is successor to a true lineage within Tibetan Buddhism.