The Highest Lineage; Full Perfection

            A disciple of Elder Dharma King Dorje Losang, Laba Geshe, brought over a few bound notebooks made of yellow paper.  Although they were wrapped in satin, this could not hide the fact that they were a few dozen years old.  He leafed through each page of the books for us to see.  Those notebooks recorded in detail the year, month, day and place of the initiations the Elder Dharma King received plus which dharmas he learned and which Virtuous Ones he followed.

            After skimming through the eight notebooks we were truly shocked. The Elder Dharma King received 1,837 initiations.  Most of the initiations consisted of the supreme Atiyoga dharma.The Great Perfection Dharma he practiced came from three different lineages. Within the Vajra dharma, he received initiations such as Single Yamantaka, Thirteen Yamantakas, Yamantaka Duhsiongnengbu Vajra, Shangle Vajra, Hevajra, Mahakala Luga, Puba Vajra, Lianshikaijia, Horse Head Vajra, Kalachakra Vajra and Lion Vajra, all of which are the supreme yoga dharma. All of the Great Dharma Kings and Rinpoches he followed were, of course, first-rate Great Virtuous Ones such as Venerable Chiming, Dzongsaluozhu, Master Pobangka, Riguwenbo, the crazy lama Yisiyangga, Dharma King Yangwo Yisinubu, etc.

From these notebooks we could see that Elder Dharma King Dorje Losang praised Great Dharma King Yangwo Yisinubu most of all. He wrote in one of the notebooks as follows: “I have seen ninety springs and autumns in this human realm. I have experienced so many things in life, after which I single-mindedly sought enlightenment. I have been fully loyal to many Great Virtuous Ones. From them I have received enlightenment and wisdom. Despite having received more than 1,800 initiations, only a few of them were of any use in deepening my awareness. Finally, I met my supreme and respected Buddha Master to whom I am indebted, Yangwo Yisinubu. This Buddha Master is like the Buddha who spoke at Spirit Vulture Peak.” This poem by the Elder Dharma King has stated the true source.

In one of the notebooks there is also recorded the following: “I have gotten close to so many Great Rinpoches. Sixty or seventy percent of them are people with great cultivation and great states of realization. On behalf of all living beings, I would like to express my deep gratitude toward these great people. I do this because I learn the dharma for the sake of all living beings. Of course, with respect to my Master Yangwo Yisinubu, to whom I am greatly indebted, I cannot simply use the words ‘thank you.’ The only thing I can do to thank him is to attain the supreme and perfect enlightenment; that is, to enlighten myself and enlighten others. The Vajra Yoga Perfection Dharma which he taught me is a supreme dharma. Looking at the content of that dharma, it appears to be an ordinary dharma.  However, even the great dharmas of the Vajra group cannot compare with it in terms of its actual effect. I think that its power surpasses other dharmas of the Vajra group which I have learned. This point has been thoroughly proven through my practice of cultivation. I have practiced for more than seventy years the dharmas which other Great Virtuous Ones and Dharma Kings taught me (including the Great Perfection Essence Dharma which I have practiced for many lifetimes). However, in terms of building merit, all of this long practice was not as good as six years of practicing the Vajra Yoga Perfection Dharma.

“It is no wonder why Female Dharma King Vajravarahi Ah Wang Nuo Bu Pa Mu, who is most magnificent, also praises the merit of Great Dharma King Yangwo Yisinubu. He deserves to be called the topmost Great Virtuous One in today’s world. Today I used a special dharma power to empower the Vajra Yoga Perfection Dharma. I am openly transmitting this dharma by printing it in this book. By practicing it you will be able to attain unlimited accomplishment. This is because I will, in my state of samadhi, perform the esoteric initiation on disciples who practice this dharma. My supreme Buddha Master, Great Dharma King Yangwo Yisinubu, who is supreme leader of Esoteric Buddhism, will also empower them. He approved this. He said that he will, in his state of samadhi, personally appear before anyone who practices the Vajra Yoga Perfection Dharma according to the dharma in order to perform an initiation for them even though they did not receive the regular initiation. In short, he will definitely cause whoever learns this dharma to end the cycle of birth and death.  However, such people absolutely cannot learn other dharma which is false esoteric dharma. Remember, my Dharma King Master and I want to receive a type of offering. This offering is very difficult to give. This offering is simply that the disciple cultivate himself by living in accordance with the teachings of Buddhism. We do not accept any money or valuables!  We will never accept them!

“Presently, I do not expect that everybody will believe me. However, my Dharma King Master already issued a prophecy concerning me. He said that my Vajra hair will immediately start growing in between my eyebrows and that this Vajra hair will in the future grow three feet long. As expected, my Vajra hair have now begun to grow. Moreover, they have grown one foot long. When my Vajra hair grows to one foot and five inches long, everyone will then have confidence to practice this supreme Vajra Yoga Perfection Dharma.

“Of course, if you can learn what is contained in the book The Mahamudra of Liberation written by my Dharma King Master Yangwo Yisinubu, and practice that together with theVajra Yoga Perfection Dharma, it would be indescribably wonderful!

“Perhaps there are some Rinpoches who will malign me. What is pitiable about this is that hell is waiting for them. To scold me is of no use to people. People will question whether those who scold me are, after all, true Rinpoches or a false Rinpoches. If you think you are better than me then grow some Vajra hair in between your eyebrows for all to see! The teachings of your lineage are well organized and when you speak the dharma you strike a deep cord in the hearts of people. Nevertheless, you do not have the true skills to successfully invite the Buddhas to bestow nectar from the sky. If someone who only speaks theory can be called a Buddha or Bodhisattva, then all monks can be regarded as Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. You should clear up your thinking! Actually, you don’t have to be so perturbed. Rinpoches are cultivators. I simply said that we do not accept offerings. I am not preventing you from accepting offerings.  It would be in accordance with the dharma if, after you accept offerings, you empower your disciples.”

The Vajra Yoga Perfection Dharma is a supreme, great dharma. It is definitely not something which ordinary living beings can practice at will. Formerly in Tibet, the disciple would have to possess great spiritual faculties and would have to undergo many difficulties and hardships before obtaining this dharma. There was a famous Tibetan Great Rinpoche who offered over fifty pounds of gold to obtain this dharma and was unsuccessful. Now, the Great Dharma King has compassionately considered how difficult it is for people to seek the dharma.  Seeing that certain causes and conditions have now matured for the first time in thousands of years, the Great Dharma King, out of great compassion, has instructed the Elder Dharma King Dorje Losang to spread this dharma. Therefore, having the opportunity to obtain this dharma is truly a blessing which was brought about by good seeds planted over many lifetimes. One should devoutly and respectfully practice this dharma.In so doing, one will undoubtedly attain liberation.