Divine Offerings Received-Miracles Performed

            Dharma King Dorje Losang’s state of virtue is so high and deep that it commands admiration.  He can call upon the dharma protecting deities wherever he goes and have them display supernormal powers.  Sacred states often appear wherever he goes. Dharma King Dorje Losang propagates the dharma mainly in western countries. Those whose destiny it is to be taught by him, he saves. Those who do not have a predestined relationship with him, he does not receive.

            One day he was teaching the dharma on the west coast of the United States. He was expounding the Yogacarayabhumi-sastra [Treatise on the Stages of Yogic Practice] to his disciples on the beach. Suddenly, two huge waves more than six meters high surged up from what was just a moment ago a peaceful ocean surface and then flapped on to the shore. When the ocean water returned to its peaceful state, on the sands of the beach were the patterns of two hadas which were more than five meters long.  At the same time, heavenly music was playing. Auspicious purple clouds appeared in the sky. A golden dragon worshiped the Dharma King in the clouds.  Countless flower petals of various colors floated down on to the bodies of those practitioners in attendance. Like snow flowers, they immediately melted.  These petals emitted a fragrant scent. However, none of the petals fell upon the body of the Dharma King.

One summer, the Dharma King was temporarily staying in the home of a lay disciple who lived near the beach in San Francisco. This lay disciple and his entire family, composed of a dozen or so members, were being harassed by a crab monster. The diameter of this crab was only two feet and it had a sharp mouth. It would often appear in the middle of the night and emit a type of black gas which would disturb people’s state of mind.

One night this crab monster appeared yet again. The lay disciple and his family members fell into a state of drowsiness and extreme fright. They wanted to yell for help but their mouths would not emit any sound.  Suddenly, Dharma King Dorje Losang, who was staying in the adjacent room, came in through the wall.  He pointed at the crab, projecting from his finger a white beam of light on to the crab.  The crab immediately shrunk to two inches wide.  When it was picked up, everyone noticed that it had already turned into a stone. This stone is now kept by Great Rinpoche Jianggongkang, a younger fellow disciple of the Dharma King, who is seventy years old this year.  It is said that this Great Rinpoche Jianggongkang is amazing.  Many Great Rinpoches say that his state of realization has already surpassed the states of realization of the four Great Dharma Sons.  The Elder Dharma King Dorje Losang also said, “There are many things about younger fellow disciple Gongkang which I should emulate.”