Buddhas Bestowed True Nectar-Vajra Hair Grows

Although Elder Dharma King Dorje Losang’s state of realization was extremely high, the Vajra hair in between his eyebrows still did not grow. He was only able to enter into meditation for approximately five hours. He thought of all kinds of methods, yet was still unable to lengthen his meditation time. This lasted until certain causes and conditions which existed from beginningless time came together and matured. On the birthday of Kuan Yin Bodhisattva, which was February 29, 1997 of the lunar calendar, Dorje Losang’s supreme Master, Great Dharma King Yangwo Yisinubu, was performing an Atiyoga Seven Day Accomplishment and Initiation Dharma Assembly. That day he told Dorje Losang, “The big black mole in between your eyebrows will immediately open up. Vajra hair will sprout out anew. Furthermore, it will grow three to five inches a year.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the scar on the crown of Dorje Losang’s head suddenly emitted a white light which shined continuously for about one minute when it then weakened and penetrated into the crown of his head.  At that moment, the black mole in between his eyebrows suddenly opened up with a very loud sound.  One could then see the Vajra hair slowly growing to about one centimeter.  The Vajra hair emitted a golden dazzling light which brightened up the entire room.

Later, Great Dharma King Master Yangwo performed an empowerment for Dorje Losang in which the Buddha of Long Life is invited to bestow nectar. More than fifty disciples who accompanied the Great Dharma King Master participated in this Nectar Dharma Assembly.  At the Assembly, Dorje Losang held the empty bowl in his hands and in front of everybody washed it clean with water.  He covered the bowl tightly with a lid and placed it on the crystal lotus platform. He then took his seat a distance away from the Master. Then, the Great Dharma King Master Yangwo used his supreme spiritual achievement and merit to invite the Buddha of Long Life to bestow nectar from the sky. After the crystal lotus platform emitted three rays of red light, nectar from the land of the Buddhas instantly penetrated through the lid on the bowl and directly entered into the bowl. All of the Lamas in attendance were astounded and expressed their amazement. Dorje Losang lifted the lid.  The originally empty bowl was filled with silver-white nectar bestowed by the Buddha of Long Life. The shape of the nectar was wondrous and could not be compared with any other thing in this world. Those disciples in attendance who saw this holy sight with their own eyes were overjoyed. (It was recorded live on videotape.)

Empowerment from nectar is truly amazing. From the night the Elder Dharma King tasted this nectar, his meditative power enabled him to thoroughly enter into the supreme samadhi. He then removed his bed and kept only his rush cushion.  He said, “I do not know what is meant by sleeping in a bed anymore.  Only the ‘sleep’ in which one integrates oneself with the universe can be called the samadhi of a Tathagata.”