Vajravarahi Prophesied Holy Monk’s Birth

On the day that Elder Dharma King Dorje Losang was born, his mother, Ningma Yuzhen, saw on her way home a huge glittering snow lotus flower hanging on the cliff. When she was thinking of climbing up the cliff to pick this snow lotus flower, all of a sudden the sky roared with thunder and a strong mountain gust began to blow. She hurriedly took shelter in a nearby cave. She then felt dizzy and experienced pain in her abdomen. Another huge roar of thunder split the sky. The earth quaked and the mountains shook. The cave was filled with red light, an aromatic fragrance and heavenly music. This was where Dorje Losang, one of the greatest Dharma Kings of his generation, was born into this earthly realm in response to its needs!

When this extraordinary baby was born, he had a full mouth of snow-white teeth. What was even more amazing is that he had a pinch of black hair in between his eyebrows which had grown more than a foot long. This hair was entangled with his umbilical cord in the form of a Vajra knot. The mother was at a loss what to do about this. The baby, however, stretched out his tiny, quivering hands, grasped the umbilical cord and pulled it. The baby pulled out from his body the umbilical cord along with the black hair in between his eyebrows.

Following the sound of the tingling of jades, Vajravarahi, standing in red light, said, “That which grew in between your eyebrows was Vajra hair. My child, how could you pull it out?  Ay!  This is also a case of the law of cause and effect never erring.  Do not mind about this. You will have to wait until you are ninety years old when it will then again grow.  From now on there will be a big, black mole in between your eyebrows. At the time you are ninety, your Master, a supreme Dharma King, will empower you.  I will also empower your beard and your state of realization. At that time, you will attain immeasurable spiritual achievement and will save countless living beings.”  After speaking, Vajravarahi floated away on a red light. At such time, the snow mountains emitted a golden glittering light. Two bright red suns rose over the top of the mountains. The trees in the forest all bent over from the force of the wind as they bowed in respect. The birds and animals of the mountains congregated on both sides of the mountain road and prostrated themselves on the ground in worship.  When the people saw these auspicious and wonderful sights in the area of the snow mountains they told each other, “A holy one has been born!”  All of them took their pure white hadas and made their way to the snow mountains to welcome Dorje Losang.