Crosses River on Peacock Feather

            Dorje Losang, Jing Gong Kang QIn and other people traveling with them crossed over many waterways and many mountains.  They experienced countless difficulties and dangers, yet they were still unable to find any trace of Pa Mu.  Many times Dorje Losang and Jing Gong Kang QIn Rinpoche entered into meditation and employed their supernormal powers, resulting in their being able to see the direction and place toward which they should head.  However, when they went to that place it was just vast and desolate land without any trace of any human beings.

On one occasion, Dharma King Dorje Losang led the others through red level land.  At night they came upon a swampland.  His disciples were at a loss what to do.  The Dharma King asked the disciples to wait for him where they were.  He then walked ahead alone.  Within a few minutes he had walked about two kilometers ahead.  A curved road appeared following the steps of the Dharma King which emitted a white, twinkling glow.  The disciples led their horses along this road and safely traversed the swampland.  Having searched for Pa Mu in so many places,  those travelers who were young and strong had long since become terribly fatigued.  However, the ninety year old Dharma King Dorje Losang was still glowing with ruddy cheeks, full of energy and able to walk quickly.

One day they arrived at the banks of the Yarlung Zangbo River.  The waters of the river were rolling before them and obstructed their path.  They could not find a boat or even any other person.  What were they to do?  Everybody anxiously looked at Dorje Losang.  He closed his eyes slightly, entered into deep thought for a moment and then took out a peacock feather.  He blew on the feather one time and then stepped on to the peacock feather.  The Elder Dharma King took along with him one of his disciples, Dawangtseren, and together they crossed over the rolling waters of the Yarlung Zangbo River on the peacock feather.

Upon their arrival at the opposite shore, they saw a few dozen ghosts kneeling on the ground.  They begged the Dharma King to save them by raising them to a higher realm of existence.  With great compassion, the Dharma King said, “Saving all of you is not a difficult matter.  Into which realm would you like to go?”  The answers of the ghosts varied considerably.  Some requested to go to the Western Paradise.  Some said that they wanted to be born into a family of wealth and power. The Dharma King took out his dharma staff.  As soon as he pointed it to the sky thousands of rainbow lights appeared which turned into lotus flowers.  The Dharma King ordered the ghosts to sit upon the lotus flowers.  He then chanted “Wobamei” and the lotus flowers suddenly flew upwards.  They turned into long rainbows and flew toward the west.  From that point on, the Dharma King did not employ the method of using a straw man to save the dead by raising their spirits to a higher realm of existence.  He used the above described method.  Therefore, people of the world call the Elder Dharma King “Master of saving the dead” and he was given the title “Savior of the spirits of the deceased.”