Sacred Traces Of Holy Mother Pa Mu

            Sacred events surrounding Dharma King Dorje Losang are truly too numerous to be counted.  However, he never uses this as a reason for being proud, nor does he spread the news of such events to others.  He always considers himself to be a humble practitioner.  He often kneels before his Great Dharma King Buddha Yangwo Yisinubu [H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III],and crying tears of compassion says, “Teacher of human beings and heavenly beings!  I beg you to teach me how, in this Dharma Ending Age, I can truly propagate the dharma and save living beings.”  The Great Dharma King Master told Dorje Losang, “Although you are one of the greatest Dharma Kings of this generation, you still must seriously study  Entering the Door of the Dharma written by Ah Wang Nuo Bu Pa Mu (Amang Nopu Pa Mu). You must also seriously study The Dharma of Concentration and Visualization Essential for Enlightenment and Dharma Which Every Buddhist Must Follow which are compilations of discourses given by Pa Mu after she returned to the human real from the Tusita Heaven.  You should study the other books written by Pa Mu together with these books.”

            Dorje Losang kept firmly in mind the instructions of the Great Dharma King Master.  He searched all around for Pa Mu’s books.  After going through all kinds of hardships and difficulties he finally found supreme Buddhist treasures – Entering the Door of the Dharma, Treatise on the Wisdom of Reality and other books.   He devoutly lifted these books over the top of his head.  Suddenly, the books emitted thousands of golden rays.

Dorje Losang diligently studied these books and abided by the contents of Ah Wang Nuo Bu Pa Mu’s discourses.  He energetically and relentlessly practiced. His state of realization and spiritual skills improved each day.  He said, “These are not fundamental Buddhist books! I have learned and practiced the five great Vajra dharma groups, the Atiyoga Supreme Dharma and the Great Perfection Mind Essence Dharma over and over again.  Only now do I understand how magnificent the Buddha dharma books of the Holy Mother are.”

The ninety year old Dorje Losang has the utmost respect for Ah Wang Nuo Bu Pa Mu.  He entered into a state of meditation and employed his supernormal powers in an attempt to find the magnificent Holy Mother.  However, no trace of Pa Mu was to be found. He vowed to search for Pa Mu all over Tibet and the United States.

In the autumn of 1997 Dorje Losang and his younger fellow disciple Jing Gong Kang Qin, who is one of the four Great Dharma Sons, led a group of thirty-five people composed of Great Rinpoches and others to Tibet, Taiwan and Singapore.  Some famous Dharma Kings and Great Rinpoches welcomed them with respect.  Each of these famous Dharma Kings and Great Rinpoches were extremely respectful towards the Elder Dharma King.  Dorje Losang and the other people traveling with him began to search for the whereabouts of Ah Wang Nuo Bu Pa Mu.