Empowerment From Holy Mother; Beard Grows

            In 1997 a group of eleven people conducted a second search for Pa Mu.  Dharma King Dorje Losang brought along his younger fellow disciple, Hsi Jao Ken Teng.  Seeing the hardships and the devoutness of Losang and the other travelers, Pa Mu exercised her great compassion.  Finally, they received empowerment from Ah Wang Nuo Bu Pa Mu.  Pa Mu had a servant bestow dharma water to them.  This water was later used to empower the beard of Dorje Losang and to empower his state of realization. Dharma King Losang’s beard can now grow two to three inches per year. In the future it will grow as long as his entire body. This verifies the Seven Branch Decision Dharma regarding the rebirth of Vajravarahi as laid out in Know the True Doctrines.


After Dorje Losang and the others returned from their trip to search for Ah Wang Nuo Bu Pa Mu, the topmost Great Dharma King, Yangwo Yisinubu, conducted a supreme dharma assembly in Seattle.  Great Rinpoches and practitioners of great virtue from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, France and other countries gathered together in one large room.  It was a grand occasion without precedent.  They all praised the immeasurable merit of Ah Wang Nuo Bu Pa Mu.  What took place during the search for Pa Mu and the countless auspicious and wonderful sights which were personally seen during that trip were also described at the dharma assembly.

Dorje Losang even allowed others to measure the length of his beard in front of everybody at the dharma assembly.  The correct length which was then recorded was 17.5 centimeters.  This was done in order to be able to check each year at a certain set time how long Dorje Losang’s beard grew, thus proving the brightness, magnificence and genuineness of the Tathagata’s correct dharma.  At the time of the measurement, the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and the dharma protecting deities personally descended into the area of the dharma assembly and empowered everybody.  The sound of heavenly drums and heavenly music filled the air.  Everyone in attendance received great empowerment and took great joy in the dharma.

A half-year has already gone by since this empowerment.  As expected, Dorje Losang’s beard, which had stopped growing for many years, suddenly grew again.  This is totally in accord with what is contained in Know the True Doctrines.  The reader is invited to take a look at the picture of the Elder Dharma King on the cover of this book [shown here].

Dharma King Dorje Losang, who is an international Dharma King of the present age, always abides by the teachings of the Buddhas and the supreme Dharma King Yangwo Yisinubu.  He is humble and cautious.  He strictly abides by the precepts and discipline.  He does not cling to his position as Dharma King.  Instead, he regards himself as a humble practitioner and feels it is his responsibility to save living beings everywhere.  He said, “Exhibition of supernormal powers is used to manifest the dharma when the proper conditions are present.  We should emphasize cultivation.  I absolutely do not accept offerings.  This is because I am cultivating myself and am not greedy for anything.  There are countries all over the world which ask me to be the leader of their sangha or a National Teacher.  I do not even pay any attention to such things. I truly have nothing at all!”

This is how Elder Dharma King Dorje Losang lives. At ninety years old he still has not given up hard work. He does not accept offerings.  He does not sleep during the day or night.  He walks briskly.  He saves living beings everywhere.  The Elder Dharma King will certainly fulfill the wishes of all who request treatment for their diseases by curing them of their diseases.  A great many people who were cured by him offered all of their valuable property to him.  They did not know that the Elder Dharma King has a rule which he laid down. He only keeps seven days of food in the cave.  Anything received over that amount will be returned.  He said that his greatest wish is to spread all over the world the teachings contained in The Mahamudra of Liberation and other works written by his Master, Great Dharma King Yangwo Yisinubu and the teachings contained in the books on the Buddha-dharma written by Ah Wang Nuo Bu Pa Mu.  He would like to spread such teachings, which he regards as the supreme Buddha-dharma, in order to benefit and bring happiness to living beings.

He said, “I am already quite old.  I should cut off my ties to the external world and cultivate myself alone. If Buddhist disciples seriously study and practice the contents of the dharma books written by these two Great Ones, and if they carry out the teachings of the Buddhas, then I guaranty that they will attain great accomplishment. In their present lifetimes, these two Great Ones have not yet met each other.  Yet, this Buddha Master and this Buddha Mother Master are truly the ones who I revere most of all.  In today’s world, no other Dharma King can be compared with them.  Of course, this is based upon what I have seen, heard, realized and understood.”

After reading this true history of the Elder Dharma King and after hearing his precious words, we are not so much happy as we are sad.  How rare it is in this world for such an eminent Elder Dharma King to exist.  He does not seek fame or gain.  He has cut off his ties to the world.  He lives in seclusion cultivating himself and it is therefore difficult to pay him a visit.  Although there are those who have seen him, it is difficult to receive any instructions from him except, “Do no evil.  Do that which is good.  Wobamei.”  That is all.