Exoteric Dharma Master-Deeply Cultivates Esoteric

  Dorje Losang was brought up in a temple.  Due to this circumstance, he became a boy monk at a very early age. He received the precepts when he was a child. When he was one year and three months old he was able to recite by heart the entire Vajrasattva sutra and the Mahavairocana sutra.  At the age of three he followed Great Dharma King Dadedengba and others to learn the high esoteric dharma.  He respectfully asked the Great Dharma King Dadedengba to perform an initiation for him and his state of realization was thereby greatly deepened.  In order that Dorje Losang would be able to have a comprehensive mastery of the teachings of both Exoteric and Esoteric Buddhism, the Dharma King of Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism had Dorje Losang sent to Mt. Yunju where he followed Elder Monk Hsuyun in learning the theories and principles of Exoteric Buddhism.  As soon as Master Hsuyun saw Dorje Losang, he knew that he had extraordinary innate capacity and gave him the Buddhist name of Shilaona.  Master Hsuyun immediately began to train and educate Dorje Losang in the exoteric dharma.

After cultivating and learning at the side of Elder Monk Hsuyun for twelve years, Shilaona was thoroughly conversant in the teachings of Exoteric Buddhism and attained the empty dharma body state.  One day, Elder Monk Hsuyun called Dorje Losang to his side and told him, “I have decided to pass on to you the robe and alms bowl of the Masters of old in the hope that you will propagate the correct dharma of the Ch’an school.”  When Shilaona was just about to accept this successorship, a ball of golden light suddenly descended from above.  In the golden light there was a small person one inch high.  In an instance, this person’s height became that of a normal person.

It turned out that this was the arrival of Shilaona’s Vajra Master who was a Dharma King of Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism.  The Dharma King of Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism immediately praised the high merit and skills of Elder Monk Hsuyun in rearing Shilaona.  The Dharma King also disclosed a heavenly secret by explaining that although Laona (Dorje Losang) had already become an eminent monk of Exoteric Buddhism, due to conditions and causes brought about from previous lifetimes, he must assume heavy responsibilities toward Esoteric Buddhism.  Therefore, it would be difficult for him to succeed to a position which is entirely of Exoteric Buddhism.

As soon as Elder Monk Hsuyun heard this, he laughed heartily and said, “This is even better.  He will be able to save even more living beings through Esoteric Buddhism and will assume the burdens of a Tathagata.  This will be a blessing for all living beings.” Shilaona, who was one of the most eminent monks of Exoteric Buddhism in that generation, then returned to the side of the Dharma King of Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism. Day and night he constantly studied the four yoga groups and carefully practiced the ten esoteric sutras.