Initiative from “True Traces “

Buddhism was established by Shakyamuni Buddha for the very worthy cause of ferrying sentient beings to Nirvana. Adi-Buddha (Adharma Buddha) taught the profound tantra as the primary beginning of Buddhism. While Exoteric Buddhism is well known, Esoteric Buddhism is not. As a result of the collective occurrence of many phenomena and causes, tantra is gradually spreading across the world. But there are many scoundrels who take advantage of this opportunity to deceive the unknowing and establish false teachings. Many self-proclaimed masters are in fact insufficient and not well trained; they rely on superficial abilities to deceive the masses. It is easy to differentiate between the true and false tantra, regardless of where that deceptive person is China, Tibet or anywhere else. If people read this book in detail, they will clearly perceive the true dharma. Then, the difference between truth and deceit becomes self-evident.

In order to illustrate the true lineage of the complex Tibetan tantra that is difficult to meet in countless years—and to prevent people with a proper motive from becoming lost—the following is set forth in this book:·

  •  A fundamental and standard knowledge of tantra;
  • The lineage of tantra schools;
  • The true teachings of each tantra school;
  • The rules that must be followed by disciples;
  • The qualification of a master; and
  • A potion of the profound tantra.

Part of this book is duplicated from other Buddhism books, and every chapter was written, experienced, practiced or realized by the great masters and great virtuous ones (great practitioners living at home). The meaning contained in this book represents the consensus among those great masters and great virtuous ones. Although the true trace of tantra was revealed earlier, practitioners paid little attention. Nevertheless, the meaning of tantra as defined in this book is like a test bed of Vajra; disciples who read it are happy and praise it. However, false masters—who cannot meet the criteria of qualification—fear that disciples who read this book may see through their lack of training and decide not to follow them. Therefore, those false masters usually hide or slander this book in an attempt to cover their own shortcomings. With this great opportunity to broadly spread dharma, disciples who possess the proper affinity should follow the instructions contained herein to enter the passage of Bodhi Vajra.

By Kungna Geshey

May the virtuous people who read this work study hard to realize Bodhi as soon as possible!