How to Recognize the Vajra Tantra

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  • Questions and Answers by Dharma King Cherchee Janyang Chingjeng
  • Lineage of Master, Empowerment and Profound Tantra by Mi Kong Practitioner
  • Definite Criteria of the Qualification of a Great Jewel, Vajra Master by tantra’s great adept Kongkar Rinpoche.Although these three articles are concise, they contain the criteria for the qualifications of a master who can confer the Three-Secret Empowerment (Initiation), the aspects of miracles (Holy States) in each tantra empowerment, and the utmost meanings of tantra. In fact, the combined content of the articles is the ultimate summary of tantra and an accurate guide for recognizing a master. This book explains to practitioners that they must follow the tantra criteria in searching for a master; otherwise, they will become lost and essentially fall into an abyss. If practitioners follow the criteria of these three articles, they will enter the correct tantra gate providing true knowledge and comprehension. Thus, under these conditions, practitioners will achieve the great realization. Hence, this book is essentially a sharpened sword to destroy false masters and devils, and lead the way to a keen environment generated by Buddha for the teaching of real dharma. This book is a dharma jewel that should be studied by all practitioners.
  • Initiative, from True Traces of Tibetan Tantra by Kungna Geshey