Letter of Repentance

Published on October 31, 2009

by Dharma Master Long Hui, Abbot of Hua Zang Si  [Translation revised July 15, 2011]:

Ven. La Jian Rinpoche (Long Hui Fa Shih)

Ven. La Jian Rinpoche (Long Hui Fa Shih)

The article of “Medicine Buddha and King of Lapis Lazuli Light” makes me feel extremely ashamed. It appeared in Hua Zang Si and is a very evil and vicious article. This was not an article published by Hua Zang Si. Rather, it was created by evil ones. At the time, I was busy with my dharma practice and had an oversight in examining the articles published by our temple. As a result, some evil people from outside used this opportunity to play the trick of substitution. They usurped the name of the Secretary Section of Hua Zang Si to distribute their evil and heretical opinions to believers, in order to contaminate the reputation of our temple. Now several copies have spread into society, causing poisonous harm to living beings. This is very ferocious.

I reported this article to the Office of H. H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. After examining it, the great virtuous ones at the Office felt extremely bitter and sorry. They told me, “As Abbot of Hua Zang Si, you are charged with the responsibility of leading, guiding and saving living beings. You should take it as your duty to benefit living beings’ accomplishments and good roots (meaning opportunity of learning and believing in Buddhism). However, you only concentrated on practicing your realization power and irresponsibly let such evil and vicious thing appear in Hua Zang Si to harm living beings. With such conduct, how can you face the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas? This is really hurting and harming living beings’ good roots!” Their words are like a sharp steel sword and penetrated into the aggregates of the eight senses in my mind.

The great virtuous ones also set a strict rule, “In order to prevent such things that harm living beings’ good roots from happening again, from today on, discourses by any great virtuous one has to be checked using the discourses on the dharma by H. H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. If any mismatch or disagreement is found, such discourse must be regarded as belonging to sided views or evil speech. Starting from today, for the purpose of protecting living beings’ good roots, discourses or expounding of the dharma by any great virtuous one, except masters at the highest level of holy realization or at least at the middle levels of holy realization, should not be relied upon as correct commentaries. That includes you, Shi Long Hui.” On hearing that, I was extremely ashamed and there are no words that can describe my bitterness. I hereby make my deepest repent to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and dharma-protecting Bodhisattvas in the ten directions as well as all Buddhist disciples! As Abbot of Hua Zang Si, I did not follow rigorous disciplines in my cultivation and conduct. Regardless of what caused the appearing of this article of vicious views, it is ultimately due to my concentrating on my own dharma practice, without paying enough attention to issues concerning the gain or loss in living beings’ good roots. This gave the evildoers an opportunity to spread dark karma and poisonous propaganda from this holy place where I am in charge and to cause damages to living beings’ good roots. I am really extremely guilty and utmost vicious!

This article is full of demonic words that insult the Buddha and Buddha-dharma. It is an extremely big sin and dark karma. Buddhists should never follow and believe in it. The article stated, “Since the dynasties of Tang and Song, propagation of Buddhism in China largely emphasized the dharma gates of Amitabha Buddha. Those are mostly for chanting sutras for elevating the deceased. People did not even know about Sakyamuni Buddha and the Medicine Buddha. Buddhism was misunderstood to be only for benefiting deceased ones.” This kind of saying is insulting and slandering to Sakyamuni Buddha, the Medicine Buddha, and Amitabha Buddha! Sakyamuni Buddha is the founding leader of Buddhism in this world. The entire system of Buddhism was propagated into this world by Sakyamuni Buddha. Only because of the elegant presence of Sakyamuni Buddha in this world and his magnificent propagation of Buddha-dharma that included the teaching of 84,000 dharma gates to Buddhists including the sixteen venerable ones, five hundred bhiksus and eight thousand Bodhisattvas, did people start to know the existence of Amitabha Buddha, the Medicine Buddha, and many other Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. All these facts are clearly recorded in the sutras. Dharma gates of Amitabha Buddha were also first taught in this world by Sakyamuni Buddha. In Asia and many places in the western world, basically people all know about Sakyamuni Buddha. Any saying that people only know about Amitabha Buddha and Medicine Buddha, but not about Sakyamuni Buddha is total nonsense by evildoers. They do not even know the most basic common knowledge of Buddhism and are utmost stupid! One must first know about Sakyamuni Buddha and then know about Amitabha Buddha and the Medicine Buddha from the teaching of Sakyamuni Buddha. If one does not know about Sakyamuni Buddha, where would he learn about the existence of Amitabha Buddha and the Medicine Buddha? Announced by whom? What kind of shameless being can make such absurd statements that confound black and white? This is solely for confusing people’s view and hearing and insulting the Buddha, with the ulterior purpose of leading living beings’ views into the evil dark end!

It is especially malicious and harmful to state that people regard Buddhism as “for only benefiting deceased ones.” This is simply a reflection of the author’s demonic state of mind. No true Buddhist will have such a low-class evil view. To belittle the topmost supreme Buddha-dharma that is boundless and includes the truth about every existence in the universe into a type of funeral ceremony is truly utmost malicious, sinful and shameless!!!

That article also stated, “Death is the beginning of birth and birth is the end of death.” This is absolutely an heretical and evil view. If “birth is the end of death,” death would end after one’s birth. That means one would never die again. Doesn’t that mean one has already become accomplished and liberated? Doesn’t that mean everyone living in this world would not face death again and is already accomplished and liberated? All those swindlers, evildoers and murderers came through birth. Are they all accomplished and liberated ones? This is a completely and extremely dirty and misleading theory from someone who does not have any knowledge in the study of Buddhism but wants to pretend to be knowledgeable for the purpose of deceiving people and pirating reputation!

Birth and death in the world of living beings are governed and turned by the law of cause and effect. There is no beginning nor ending. Only by cultivating according to the teaching of the Buddha, can one realize the ending of birth and death and thoroughly leave samsara. Only then can one end one’s birth and death as well as the associated suffering and misfortune. Except that, birth and death cannot end each other. No worldly dharma can end birth and death.

That article has many more evil statements that belong to heretical and demonic views, such as “Sakyamuni Buddha gave the business of sustaining living beings to the Medicine Buddha,” and “The East heads the four directions and corresponds to the spring season which is the time for everything to grow. That’s why the business of supporting living beings and prolonging the life belong there,” and so on. All these are sheer nonsense fabricated from nothing and are speeches of evil cults! Buddha is supreme at the true level of enlightenment and can do anything perfectly without hindrance. Why would a Buddha need to be given anything? All Buddhas are equal. Also, in the world of Buddha lands, one can get anything just by thinking about it. Why would one need “everything to grow” and “supporting living beings and prolonging the life”? These things only exist in the world of ordinary beings.

There are many other ridiculous, erroneous, evil and shameless views in that article. I am not going to describe and comment further here. I just want everyone to know clearly that this article titled “The Medicine Buddha and King of Lapis Lazuli Light” is totally comprised of demonic and evil views. I do not have enough words to say on that.

The spreading of such dark karma and poisonous propaganda was caused by my irresponsibility. This brought shame to Hua Zang Si. Even though the trouble was caused by evildoers, I, Long Hui, have to accept an undeniable and serious responsibility for that. I deeply repent myself again to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the ten directions! At the same time, I hope that all rinpoches, dharma masters, acaryas and masters of dharma-listening sessions who shoulder their duties in endeavoring to save living beings use my example as a warning. Never hastily handle any script or discourse that involves the essence of Buddha-dharma. Discourses by H. H. Dorje Chang Buddha III must be used as the fundamental criteria for checking. Otherwise it may fall into erroneous or evil views. We must make sure that the contents agree with the Buddha’s teaching. We should regard protecting living beings’ good roots as a top-most issue. We must listen earnestly to the recorded dharma discourses by H. H. Dorje Chang Buddha III and understand the teaching of Sakyamuni Buddha, in order to thoroughly correct our views. By doing so, we will not let evil and erroneous views have any chance.

Ashamed with guilt and repentance, Shi Long Hui
October 31, 2009

The Office of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III hereby publishes, in its original form, a letter of repentance received from Dharma Master Shi Long Hui, Abbot of Hua Zang Si. As described by Shi Long Hui, the incident of publishing an erroneous article was very serious. Fortunately, Dharma Master Long Hui is a true cultivator and can earnestly face it based on living beings’ interest. She recognized the mistake and repented publicly. Such practice of establishing the correct view belongs to the deeds of great virtuous ones.We should all take this incident that happened at Hua Zang Si as a warning. All cultivators must be particularly careful. No great virtuous ones, regardless of whether they are venerable ones, dharma kings, rinpoches, or dharma masters, should carelessly explain the essence of sutras nor erroneously confuse the truth in the sutras. No one can represent the teaching of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. We should always use the dharma essence from H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III as the standard and yardstick for all our deeds. We should strictly adhere to the teaching of Sakyamuni Buddha without violation and only follow what is correct. Only discourses by masters at the highest level of holy realization can be regarded as correct teaching. Otherwise, if mistakenly listening to the fallacies of erroneous and evil views, we would be completely lost in our direction of cultivation. Not only would it be impossible to attain accomplishment and liberation, endless dark karmas would be created to lead to the consequence of permanently staying in the samsara. Please be sure to remember this!