I Became Accomplished by Receiving the Xian Liang Great Perfection Dharma

Published on December 21, 2007

by H.E. Kaichu Rinpoche in the book H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III:  

H.E. Kaichu Rinpoche

H.E. Kaichu Rinpoche

I am an ordinary Buddhist disciple whose dharma name is Yizhen. I was  recognized as a rinpoche by Dharma King Mohe, who is a Golden Throne Holder in the holy sense. He gave me the dharma name Kaichu. On December 13, 1996, I went to Chengdu on a trip led by Sister Chu Kuan and formally acknowledged H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu as my master. There, my Buddha Master transmitted dharma to me.  Since then I have been following my Buddha Master. I have also been at the side of Dharma King Mohe for over eight years, even sleeping beside and below the bed of Dharma King Mohe.

After practicing for several months the Longchen Nying-thik Great Perfection Dharma transmitted to me by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, wonderful mandala states appeared. When I closed my eyes to do my daily meditation, I saw an eye. Not understanding the cause behind it, I reported this matter to my Buddha Master. The Buddha Master spoke into my ear,  giving me an exquisite discourse on the dharma. His Holiness told me that my everyday words and actions must comply with the teachings of the Buddha and must not deviate from the rules laid down by the Buddha. His Holiness also told me that I must not listen to heretical views expressed by others. After diligent practice, I was able to enter a world of light known as the Tuoga immovable state.

As I closed my eyes and practiced during daytime, this world of light gradually appeared. The first thing I saw was a vajra chain. As my practice continued, I saw the Perfect Emptiness Light and the Great Perfection State Wisdom Light. My entire body merged with those states of light. It was incomparably wonderful. When I did my daily practice at night without any lamplight, I still entered this world of light. My Buddha Master wanted me to practice “seeing the truth through the middle way” so that I would give rise to a mind that does not abide in anything. I would then be able to enter the secret practices involving the internal mandala of Heart Wind Bright Point Dharma and visualization of the three channels and five chakras.

Nonetheless, I was still somewhat worried. I, an ordinary disciple, was already quite old and very earnestly hoped for instant great accomplishment.  Right when my hopes seemed unattainable, the Buddha Master saw what was in my mind. At noon on a certain day, the Buddha Master told me, “In observing you these eight years, I have seen all of what you have done. I have also seen that you are wholeheartedly loyal, that you are selfless and benefit others, and that the only thing you seek is bodhi. How rare! Kaichu, your karmic conditions have matured. Today I will transmit to you the supreme Xian Liang Great Perfection Dharma. If you practice it according to how I teach you, your wish will be fulfilled, for you will attain instant great accomplishment.”

After saying that, the Buddha Master marked the area that would serve as the mandala and proceeded with the initiation. At the very beginning, the Buddha Master gave me the following teaching: “This is the greatest and  supreme dharma in the entire universe. Within one hour from the time it is transmitted, you will realize the rainbow body state. Without having to able to see the wonderful rainbow body dharma state during the day and night whether you close your eyes or open them. Such a state is inexhaustibly beautiful and is one with the dharmadhatu. Listen attentively as you receive this teaching. But you must remember never to violate any precept. Remember this!”

I dared not harbor any doubts. Still, I was worried that my roots of goodness were not strong enough. I wondered how I could become accomplished within one hour. Even Tibetan rinpoches of great holiness must engage in solitary cultivation for a few decades before becoming accomplished. Nonetheless, when I was transmitted the Xian Liang Great Perfection Dharma during the Highest Form of Inner-Tantric Drawing Lots From a Golden Vase and Casting a Flower Upon a Mandala Initiation, it was indeed the case that I could see the wonderful rainbow body state whether my eyes were open or closed. Moreover, that state changed as the Buddha Master continued to utter that dharma. When the Buddha Master spoke of the manifestation of a world of red light, a world of red light manifested. When the Buddha Master spoke of the manifestation of a world of yellow light, a world of yellow light manifested. When the Buddha Master spoke of the manifestation of a world of blue light, a world of blue light manifested. When the Buddha Master spoke of the manifestation of a world of Taras, a world of green light instantly manifested. The red, yellow, blue, and green worlds of light were wondrous and incredibly beautiful. There were times when my body emitted light, which was mainly red in color. That light radiated outwardly, flying out of the room one cluster after another. I cannot reveal to everyone each and every detail of that marvelous state. At that time, I, an ordinary disciple, was extremely joyous and moved. I immediately prostrated to my Buddha Master repeatedly to show my gratitude for having bestowed upon me such great compassion.

Since I received that dharma, I have practiced it many times by myself both outdoors and indoors. The states that appeared were as wonderful and tremendously beautiful as they were before. I was even more joyful than before due to the speed of such accomplishment. My mind and those states merged, and I instantly realized the state of holiness. I joyfully made a great bodhicitta vow. I vowed to diligently practice this supreme and great dharma and benefit living beings so that I may repay a tiny bit of the enormous kindness bestowed upon me by my Buddha Master.

After I prostrated last night to my respected Master, H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, His Holiness said, “Kaichu, what is meant by Xian Liang Great Perfection?” While kneeling, I answered, “No matter how heavy one’s negative karma may be, at the time that one receives such an initiation, one will right then and there see the world of light and become accomplished. One will not need to engage in further practice. This is what is meant by Xian Liang Great Perfection Dharma.” My respected Master, H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, then said, “I tell all practitioners that if one does not see the Buddha-land world during the initiation, then it is not the Xian Liang Great Perfection of the Buddhas. Anyone who denies this by saying that such an initiation is a Xian Liang Great Perfection Initiation is speaking the words of a demon.”

In this present world of ours, and even in the entire universe, only my most honored Master, H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, possesses this great dharma whereby one becomes accomplished within one hour. Only H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III can cause a disciple to see the rainbow body state at the very time the disciple is receiving that dharma. Through merging my mind with that state and through not abiding in anything, I attained boundless happiness. After receiving that dharma, not only did I see the rainbow body state, I realized it. How could anyone else besides my Buddha Master possess such dharma? I have not even heard of anyone else possessing such dharma!

In order to benefit living beings so that they may all learn this instant accomplishment dharma, I, a disciple with a heart of humility, must make a vow of truth to prove that what I have stated is not false.

The states that I saw that are described above prove that the dharma transmitted by my Buddha Master is supreme and real. I am an elderly seventy-five-year-old man. I would not speak falsely and deceive people, for in so doing I would experience the karmic retribution of descending into hell. I want to be accomplished in the dharma. I want to be liberated from the cycle of reincarnation. What I said here is true. If it is false, I will of course descend into hell. Nevertheless, I cannot reveal how to practice that dharma as it was taught to me by my Buddha Master. I also will not accept disciples. From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful to my Buddha Master and all of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

Kaichu, an ordinary Buddhist disciple
December 21, 2007