Notice Concerning Donations to the Xuanfa Institute or the Holy Vajrasana Temple

Published on January 6, 2016

Recently there was some concern raised in regards to an effort undertaken to raise funds for the Xuanfa Institute and the Holy Vajrasana Temple by certain persons who attended a Meditation Retreat in Hong Kong led by Zhaxi Zhuoma Rinpoche. Because the kind student who was coordinating this effort had others send money to his personal account, some thought that this might have been a scam. It was not. The wechat notice was intended for a close group who knew and trusted this individual. However, the wechat notice went viral and many received it. This is not good as there are corrupt individuals who might use such a cause as a scam to obtain sincere individuals’ money for their own use. Also, I do not want good hearted persons to be defamed or unjustly accused of evils they did not commit. You should NOT send money to someone’s personal bank account. Anyone wanting to make donations to the Holy Vajrasana Temple may do so through the instructions given at (English) or (Chinese). You should also be aware that the US customs does not allow anyone to bring more than US$10,000 into the country. I am very grateful to everyone who has been so kind in supporting our efforts to develop the holy site and enable everyone to visit the Holy Vajra Poles. We do depend on your donations. I just want to make sure your donations go where you intended them to go.

Most sincerely, Zhaxi Zhuoma