Public Announcement No. 20170107: Pictures of Elder Holy Monk Yin Hai

Published on March 17, 2017

1- 因海老和尚前些年的留影We now publish and disseminate to the public the visages of Elder Monk Yin Hai, as well as some photos related to the miraculous transformation manifested by Holy Monk Yin Hai 10 days after He entered nirvana. This created an unprecedented holy feat in the history of Buddhism of manifesting a miraculous transformation after entering nirvana. There are altogether seven (7) photos:


1. A picture of Elder Monk Yin Hai taken some years ago.



2- ???????????? 時以後,大家與長老拍照2. A photo taken at 11 hours afterElder Dharma Master Yin Hai entered nirvana, with a group of people accompanying the Elder Dharma Master.


3- ??????? 第三十一天,法師仁波且等與長老堅硬如鐵石的金剛法體合影

3. On the 31-th day after Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai’s nirvana, rinpoches, dharma masters, and others took a picture with the Elder Dharma Master’s Vajra dharma remains that were as hard as steel and stone.

4- ??????? 十一個小時的乾瘦蒼老、皺紋深陷的照片,和圓寂後二十四天的圓滿豐潤莊嚴照片對比,完全神變成了不同的兩個人,這是佛史上真正出現的第一尊真???????

4.Two contrasting photos of Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai’s flesh body, with one taken at 11 hours after the nirvana showing deep wrinkles on a dry, thin, and very aged face and the other taken on the 24th day after the nirvana that presented a fully-figured, smooth, lustrous, and perfectly majestic visage. A miraculous transformation took place that caused the two pictures to look like two completely different persons. This is the first Vajra-relic flesh body remains ever known in the history of Buddhism.

5. An inscribing couplet written for Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai, which says, “Holy Venerable Master Xiao Ming traveled west to His lotus seat in the World of Ultimate Bliss; Elder Dharma Master and Revered Virtuous One Yin Hai moved east to Rose Hills in the suburb of the city of Los Angeles.” (Calligraphy cannot be posted)

6. Another inscribing couplet written for Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai, which says, “Elder Dharma Master created a new chapter in the history of Buddhism, with a great transformation taking place 10 days after nirvana that changed His flesh body into a majestic face; The Eminent Monk broke old records on the religious calendar, 6 years ago while He was alive when His Buddhist body powerfully manifested a miraculously different appearance.” (Calligraphy cannot be posted)

7. The Verse of Praise written in calligraphy by Wang Zha Shang Zun for Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai, which says, “The merit of Monk Yin Hai shines splendidly in the sky and on the ground. The nine holes of His precept-scars once emitted light to illuminate a dark retreat room. This greatly compassionate and accomplished one cultivating in seclusion has left His name to the world. Following His wish, He has returned to His upper-level lotus seat in the World of Ultimate Bliss. After entering nirvana, the flesh body of this holy venerable one will undergo a miraculous transformation. A new holy chapter of nirvana will be written in the history of Buddhism. In the past He and I practiced together in retreat in a cave in a deep mountain. Later we both went to the teaching of true Buddha-dharma and became close to the Buddha. Written by Buddhist Disciple and Humble Bhiksu Wang Zha Gong Bo, February 15, 2017” 7- YinHai老題寫的讚頌偈

At the same time, we take this opportunity to inform you all that the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters has now become the World Buddhism Association Headquarters (WBAH) and that all activities and affairs of WBAH including the numbering of public announcements are continuous from before.


World Buddhism Association Headquarters (Seal)

                                    March 17, 2017




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