Public Announcement No. 20180101–Do Not Overlook Reading the Important Replies from Eminent Monks

Published on January 20, 2018


We ask you all to note that in recent days important replies from eminent monks will be forwarded. This piece of replies will have to do with whether you can get beneficial effects from cultivation and learning from Buddha or not and whether you can attain perfect good fortune and wisdom in the current lifetime or not. This is a great matter with the importance of life and death and closely related to liberation and accomplishment. We hope that you will read and study to understand. If you do not clearly understand the contents, you will be at the risk of mistakenly entering a wrong path. Then it will be impossible to have any hope for accomplishment and liberation.

Many people wish to receive an inner-tantric initiation. Then, what conditions or qualifications does one have to possess after all in order to receive an inner-tantric initiation? Also, what qualifications must a master possess to have the ability of conferring an inner-tantric initiation to disciples? What are the effects of an inner-tantric initiation? What kinds of objects of evidence and dharma instruments does a disciple who has received an inner-tantric initiation have in possession?

Anyone who has received a state-practice initiation will have holy image(s) manifesting. There exist differences by nature among state-practice initiations. One type is the situation during which the seed of the holy cause of state-practice was truly planted and the disciple was accepted by the yidam. The other type is manifesting the phenomena of expressing the state-practice empowerment dharma. The disciple was not accepted by the yidam in the process. How are these two types distinguished?

Where are inner-tantric mandalas located?

Why would some people who have the title of a master oppose the two major principles of establishing an inner-tantric mandala?

A real Buddha hall possessing true Buddha-dharma is completely different from an ordinary consecrated Buddha hall. How can a real Buddha hall possessing true Buddha-dharma be established?

Buddhists all have piousness and faith at different degrees and are all willing to do Buddhist work. However, the Buddhist work done by most of them often has no merit at all and instead they end up planting sin and negative karma that will follow them. How can one do Buddhist work without entering a wrong path and do correct Buddhist work to receive the merit of one-hundred-percent, so that one can receive an inner-tantric initiation and eventually attain great accomplishment?


World Buddhism Association Headquarters (Seal)

                                    January 20, 2018