Public Announcement No. 20170111–Correct Answers to Questions Regarding the Dharma of Empowerment by Kuan Yin’s Great Compassion and Inner-Tantric Initiations

Published on November 2, 2017

Now, many people are inquiring about the Dharma of Empowerment by Kuan Yin’s Great Compassion and about inner-tantric initiations. Their questions include: Is this Dharma of Empowerment by Kuan Yin’s Great Compassion a great dharma or a small dharma? Does it belong to esoteric Buddhism or exoteric Buddhism? Can one end the cycle of birth and death by dedicating oneself to practicing this dharma? Also, there are many people who say that they are inner-tantric disciples because their Vajra masters have conferred inner-tantric initiations to them. They would like to know: What level(s) is an inner-tantric initiation at? What form(s) is an inner-tantric initiation expressed with? Is our master an inner-tantric master? What situations mean that one has received an inner-tantric initiation? How can one distinguish between true and false inner-tantric initiations? Some people also asked, since a so-and-so person is no longer a good person, why could he still practice the Dharma of Empowerment by Kuan Yin’s Great Compassion? We at the World Buddhism Association Headquarters (WBAH) studied these different and yet very serious questions and decided that they must be immediately answered. Otherwise many cultivators will be deeply harmed. The correct answers are given in the following.

The Dharma of Empowerment by Kuan Yin’s Great Compassion is a great dharma with a one-hundred-percent certainty. That dharma is the dharma of genuine and precious manifestation of Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva’s willow-branch pure water (Bodhi holy water) and is the utmost treasure for liberation and accomplishment. Here we quote a paragraph from a dharma that H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III once expounded. H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III said,

The empowerment dharma of Kuan Yin Bodhisattva is a good dharma if used by good people and is a bad dharma if used by bad people. All those who do not cultivate according to the dharma, who do not uphold the principle of great compassion, and who do not practice ‘abstaining from all evils and doing all that is good,’ regardless of what masters they may be or how bad they are, once having learned that dharma, can immediately empower people and manifest the appearance of the state. However, they can never become holy persons and absolutely will not attain accomplishment and liberation. Moreover, they will add inauspicious dark karma to the people receiving the empowerment.

The Dharma of Empowerment by Kuan Yin’s Great Compassion does not belong to esoteric Buddhism or any sect or school. It is not a dharma of branched sects or schools and is just pure Buddhism and is Buddha-dharma with the fundamental requirement of benefiting living beings with great compassion using rigorous rules, precepts, and discipline. If practiced according to the dharma and abiding by the precepts, this dharma is a Buddha-dharma based on great compassion. If the practitioner does not accord to the dharma and violates the precepts, this dharma will be a demonic dharma that poisonously harms living beings. Why so? This is because the Mara King’s descendants manifested into false rinpoches and false dharma masters in this world to make false claims of transmitting the Dharma of Empowerment by Kuan Yin’s Great Compassion. Therefore, you have to observe very carefully. As long as the practitioner has no lineage, the dharma is a demonic dharma. Moreover, even if the lineage exists, some masters have become evil masters due to violating the precepts. Therefore, the difference between the upright and the evil must be rigorously distinguished. The difference between the upright and the evil lies in abiding by the precepts and in having the Bodhi holy water that penetrates the dharma bowl.

This dharma has altogether two stages as a complete true Buddha-dharma. The first is the generation stage and the second is the perfection stage. The generation stage has only a 3% effect, while the perfection stage has a 97% accomplishment. Learning and practicing the generation stage is very simple. Regardless of the depth or quality of your good-roots, you will be able to do it once you learn it. There is no need to practice. Learning on the spot, you will attain the generation stage on the spot and you can empower people. On the other hand, only the perfection stage with Bodhi holy water penetrating the dharma bowl is the mother of accomplishment of this dharma. One must be a selfless and greatly kind person who cultivates according to the dharma and has the mentality of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to be able to successfully practice at the perfection stage. Moreover, Bodhi holy water can never be cultivated successfully through a false dharma claimed by descendants of demons as the Dharma of Empowerment by Kuan Yin’s Great Compassion. Bodhi holy water is the mother dharma water that must be used in inner-tantric initiations. Without successfully cultivating Bodhi holy water that penetrates the dharma bowl, there is no “inner-tantric” to speak of.

The precepts and disciplines of the Dharma of Empowerment by Kuan Yin’s Great Compassion are very rigorous. The precepts stipulate that the master practicing the dharma must spend entirely the offerings collected within 15 days on releasing living beings in captivity and carrying out good deeds such as the relief of poverty or disasters. If not acting according to this precept-stipulation, one would violate the precepts of this dharma and break the essence of abiding by the precepts. One would lose the lineage right away. Once the lineage is lost, the dharma will be directly taken over right there by the Mara King’s demonic descendants and becomes a demonic dharma. The master will then become a demonic master. In this type of situation, this holy dharma would become a demonic dharma doing poisonous harm to living beings. H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III mentioned such possibility long ago in the book Learning from Buddha.

WBAH seriously informs all today that there exists only one difference, which is at the level of principle, between the Dharma of Empowerment by Kuan Yin’s Great Compassion and the dharmas of empowerment practiced by descendants of demons. The dharma of Kuan Yin is absolutely selfless, helps all, and benefits living beings. On the other hand, a falsely-substituted dharma of Kuan Yin by demons and devils allows evil masters practicing it to carry out deception. A falsely claimed Dharma of Empowerment by Kuan Yin’s Great Compassion by descendants of demons also allows anyone who learns it to be able to do it right then, just as the real Dharma of Empowerment by Kuan Yin’s Great Compassion. Practicing the fake dharmas would cause people to manifest spiritual states, such as appearing like animals, howling like animals, wavering and leaning, turning around, jumping, singing, entering states, seeing phenomena including Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, and so on. Although the scene may look like having generated empowerment, people do not know that the empowerment is from demons and devils. Those who received the empowerment received sinful hindrances of dark karma, bad lucks, and the cause of devolving into the three lower realms!

How can upright masters and evil masters be distinguished? There are two major principles to distinguish true dharmas. One, if the master leading the dharma assembly to practice the Dharma of Empowerment by Kuan Yin’s Great Compassion does not spend the offerings collected on doing good deeds, releasing living beings in captivity, and helping people in poverty and instead greedily takes the offerings as personal possession, doing so is an initial manifestation of the conduct of a demonic descendent or an evil master. Two, look at masters who do not possess the holy realization of the perfection stage of generating Bodhi holy water that penetrates a dharma bowl. As a result, that master would not be able to activate from a distance of 16 feet a Vajra pill held in the disciple’s palm and watched by the disciple. If the Vajra pill is activated, the disciple will see clearly that the Vajra pill which is originally as big as a little bean changes its size and height, performs a Tibetan dance, manifests miraculous appearances, travels at a flying speed, or follows the instruction to jump given by the master, who practices the dharma and confers the initiation at a distance between 16 to 32 feet. If a master who has no such cultivated power claims possessing the realization of conferring inner-tantric initiations, it can be concluded definitively that a demonic descendent or a devilish master is faking an inner-tantric initiation to deceive people!!!

Regarding the term “inner-tantric,” it originated from esoteric Buddhism, where inner-tantric division, inner-tantric dharma, inner-tantric initiation, inner-tantric mandala, inner-tantric disciple, and inner-tantric dharma instrument are spoken of. As a term, “inner-tantric” generally means four types of situations. However, only the last two types are popular and spreading in society. The first type is the true inner-tantric. Any master who is not at the top-most class has no qualification to be involved in that. The second type is the borrowed or carried initiation using the lineage of the first type and is also not what ordinary masters can access or receive. The first type is simply the true inner-tantric complying with the two major stipulations of the dharma, while the second type is an inner-tantric initiation borrowed or carried from the lineage, which is conferred by a master in accordance with the dharma using an inner-tantric mandala established by a great holy virtuous one and the Vajra pill that was successfully cultivated by the great holy virtuous one. Masters who do not possess the required virtuous character and receiving capacity are not allowed to hear or receive the above-mentioned two types. What’s available and spreading in society is the third type and the most popular fourth type, which is actually false inner-tantric. The third type is inner-tantric via sutras’ teaching, mantras, mudras, or the transmission of lineage. This third inner-tantric type is doctrine or teaching in nature. What is transmitted is mother dharma water, in the forms of lineage incense of Hot Incense Offering and various types of lineage pills and lineage dharma water and so on. Actually, it is hard to tell whether such things are truly from the lineage or not. Whether such an initiation possesses the siddhi power of real accomplishment or not is simply an unknown, because all are based on the master’s verbal description. The inner-tantric initiations typically used in Tibetan esoteric Buddhism are of this third type, which is an initiation of transmission. The fourth type is actually false inner-tantric, and is also called inner-tantric tricks by wandering performers. One who is self-claimed as a great-jewel master performs deceptions on his disciples and often fabricates what he says on the spot. They think of what to say based on what they just said and thus the whole speech is based on nothing. They establish a false inner-tantric mandala and play magic to fake an inner-tantric initiation. Doing so is not only non-inner-tantric but also is no initiation of any kind and simply has nothing to do with Buddha-dharma. That is just defrauding people. These are the inner-tantric tricks by wandering performers always used by all false rinpoches to defraud people for money and sexual favors. It can be concluded that among 10,000 rinpoches and masters more than 9,990 of them are deceiving people using inner-tantric tricks by wandering performers. The biggest feature of these people is that they do not know the teachings of the sutras.

Eminent monks and holy virtuous ones specifically beseeched H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III to expound the dharma regarding questions of establishing an inner-tantric mandala, recognition of rinpoches, and esoteric Buddhism. H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III said,

I praise and agree with the excellent parts of esoteric Buddhism and oppose the defiled and corrupt ways. I know the entirety of Buddhism including esoteric Buddhism. I am a Buddhist, not a believer of your Tibetan esoteric Buddhism. Regardless of what initiation you may have received, you cannot depart from cultivation. No initiation can be comparable to the two great mind essences of The Supreme and Unsurpassable Mahamudra of Liberation. If a person learning Buddhism does not clearly believe in the law of cause and effect and does not put cultivation into practice, it is useless, regardless of what initiation that person has received. To people who truly practice the two great mind essences, it will be so easy to receive an initiation and learn the dharma. I am Sakyamuni’s Buddhism, not a believer of the Buddhism of lamas. I do not participate in what you do to create inner-tantric mandalas and only know about strictly abiding by the precepts to cultivate and guiding people to pursue compassion, kindness, honesty, sincerity, and selflessness in living as human beings.

Buddhism of the current time is already very chaotic. Esoteric Buddhism of ancient time was originally very good. Inner-tantric initiations were truly amazing and, when combined with rigorously cultivating one’s conduct, can really ensure that the person receiving the initiation quickly attain great accomplishment. However, due to the mixing-in of Tibetan politics and the indigenous religion in the past, some non-Buddhist practices merged into it. As of now, it is no longer the pure teachings and dharmas from Sakyamuni Buddha and rather has become the reformed and diversified Tibetan Buddhism. Actually, the really serious problem is that rinpoches in esoteric Buddhism are essentially all false. I do not approve of the recognized rinpoches. Among 100 persons who received certificates of holiness and virtue, it is hard to find two true cultivators. They are simply not holy virtuous ones! A cultivator is just a cultivator. A Buddhist disciple is just a Buddhist disciple. How can such a person be a rinpoche? All are falsely called such by flattery. Behaving without discipline, they are not even qualified as a basic Buddhist!

It was said on the internet that there are tens of thousands of rinpoches just in the Chaoyang District of the City of Beijing alone. In June this year, more than 1,000 people wearing rinpoche’s robe came to see me. Looking at the red-colored robe covering the whole body that they wear, I felt bad for the believers and disciples. What are these people after all? They clearly do not know the teachings in the sutras and do not have a foundation. They have not even behaved well as ordinary Buddhists yet. How could they falsely claim to be rinpoches? Actually, they are just ordinary beings and common people who do not learn from Buddha and do not cultivate themselves. Some of them are even committing fraud using their status within Buddhism! Exactly because ordinary beings are faking being holy persons everywhere, I, in this lifetime, have not recognized even one rinpoche or reincarnated one. To tell the truth, they are not true! I myself am also a humble cultivator and have no ability to see in contemplation other people’s prior lifetimes. I can’t recognize them.

The words of the Buddha Master embody profound meanings. The Buddha Master’s enlightenment capacity is limitlessly higher than our great holy virtuous ones. Even we have some small and shallow observing power from contemplation. The Buddha Master knows everything about the entirety of Buddhism. How can He possibly have no ability? Rather, there have not yet been any great holy virtuous ones who are qualified to cause His Holiness the Buddha to write recognitions for them! Without mentioning other examples and just speaking of what happened in August this year to great holy virtuous one Zhao Yusheng, didn’t he attain great accomplishment as a result of receiving the highest and supreme inner-tantric initiation of Initiation of Dharma Affinity with the Yidam from His Holiness the Buddha?

Wang Zha Shang Zun said, “That initiation is not what I, as one at the level of Golden Button Grade 3, can confer. I simply have no qualification to invite Amitabha Buddha to come. Although I am only at the level of Golden Button Grade 3, which is not a grade level for Bodhisattvas with virtual enlightenment or marvelous enlightenment, I will follow the two major stipulations of the dharma to establish an inner-tantric mandala.” Actually, the Shang Zun is very modest. He is absolutely a tremendously holy virtuous one exceeding the grade level of Golden Button Grade 3. Otherwise, how can He have the conduct of accomplishment to establish an inner-tantric mandala?

WBAH knows about inner-tantric mandalas very well. We now list the following table of comparisons to help you all to get an understanding from reading.

Distinguishing True and False Inner-Tantric Initiations

What must be done Truly inner-tantric False inner-tantric
1.     The presiding master “Presents Vajra Phurba Three Times.” The disciple saw on the spot. The disciple did not see.
2.     The presiding master “Presents One Petition to a Bodhisattva.” The disciple experienced in person according to the dharma. The disciple did not experience.
3.     The presiding master cultivates Bodhi holy water that penetrates the dharma bowl. The disciple experienced in person according to the dharma. The disciple did not experience.
4.     During the inner-tantric initiation, the disciple holds a Vajra pill in his palm. The disciple held the Vajra pill in person. The disciple did not hold it.
5.     The disciple prepares a Vajra rope with the length of 16 to 32 feet. The disciple prepared and used a Vajra rope. The disciple did not have a Vajra rope.
6.     The disciple and the presiding master is separated by the length of the Vajra rope. The disciple witnessed that was true. The disciple had no such experience.
7.     The Vajra pill manifests miraculous transformations while held and watched by the disciple, such as performing a Tibetan dance, altering its height and/or size, traveling at a skating speed, or jumping in response to an instruction. The disciple witnessed that the state of the dharma was true. The disciple witnessed that no such thing happened.
8.     The female master must “Presents One Petition to a Bodhisattva.” The disciple experienced the process in person. The disciple had no such experience.
9.     The mandala of inner-tantric initiation The inner-tantric mandala was established in accordance with the dharma. There was no mandala that conforms to the dharma.
10.  The difference between learning the dharma in a true inner-tantric mandala and in a false inner-tantric mandala The disciple perfects good fortune and wisdom and attains great accomplishment. The disciple falls into bad lucks and enters one of the three lower realms.


Buddhist disciples who wish to attain liberation and accomplishment, you should use this table to compare and distinguish, to see whether you have received a true inner-tantric initiation or have been deceived by a false inner-tantric master.

The abilities of establishing an inner-tantric mandala were deduced based on WBAH’s inference on the realizations corresponding to the levels (of Arhats) and stages (of Bodhisattvas). The holy realization required has to be at the stages of Golden Button Grade 3 or higher. As to the unalterable principles in establishing an inner-tantric mandala, ordinary masters do not even have the qualification to hear. However, to prevent demonic masters from defrauding and harming cultivators during this dharma-ending era, a special exception is made today to let you all understand the meaning of true inner-tantric. That is:

Any master who establishes inner-tantric disciples must establish a truly holy inner-tantric mandala. This is because of the unalterable rule that any inner-tantric disciple must receive the initiation and accept the dharma in an inner-tantric mandala, in order to have the effect from practicing the dharma. Otherwise the disciple will not have any beneficial effect. This is the unalterable principle and rule of the dharma to inner-tantric disciples learning the dharma!!!

This requirement cannot be replaced by any form of establishing a mandala, including establishing the mandala using colored sand, which is also unrelated to the inner-tantric requirement! Other than Bodhisattvas with virtual enlightenment or marvelous enlightenment, all other masters getting involved into the inner-tantric domain must first establish an inner-tantric mandala. Only then can various inner-tantric manifestations of the dharma be applied. Even a Bodhisattva with virtual enlightenment or marvelous enlightenment must also be able to “Present One Petition to a Bodhisattva” and cultivate Bodhi holy water that penetrates a dharma bowl. Without “Presenting One Petition to a Bodhisattva,” the master is not a Bodhisattva with virtual enlightenment or marvelous enlightenment. You all should note that the most indispensable requirements for establishing an inner-tantric mandala are that the master must “Present Vajra Phurba Three Times” and “Present One Petition to a Bodhisattva” in person in front of the watching crowd. Otherwise the inner-tantric mandala is simply false!!! If one cannot accomplish these two ironclad rules of the dharma for establishing an inner-tantric mandala, the so-called inner-tantric disciple, inner-tantric mandala, inner-tantric initiation and other inner-tantric terms verbally spoken are nothing other than inner-tantric tricks by wandering performers and lies told by charlatan masters.

There is another thing that you should pay special attention to. If a disciple who has received a false inner-tantric initiation claims or tell people that he is an inner-tantric disciple or he has entered an inner-tantric mandala, such words also belong to faking the truth, assisting evil ones to do malicious acts, and cheating and deluding cultivators. The nature of committing such sin will definitely cause one to devolve into one of the three lower realms. How can a true inner-tantric initiation be conferred casually? A true inner-tantric disciple will definitely be a very pious genuine cultivator and must be a person who has made sincere and honest contributions to and has established merit in the undertaking carried out by the Buddha!

Even a person who has no ability to do so must have a pious mind at a very pure level. You can read for reference how Patriarch Milarepa quested for the dharma and how pious his mind and conduct were. He had to build houses through countless kinds of hardship. Eventually he created the building. Only then Master Marpa established the inner-tantric mandala inside, where he finally received the holy inner-tantric initiation conferred by Master Marpa and could be called an inner-tantric disciple. Now, turn back and think about yourself, what Buddhist work have you done and what merit have you planted to cause you to have the qualification to receive an inner-tantric initiation?

Perhaps you may think that you have presented offerings to your Vajra master, including building his mandala. Then your thinking is much too terrible. You did not have that much sin and dark karma to start with. However, because of presenting offerings to an evil master or a false inner-tantric master, your sin and dark karma have actually been increased. Even your master has not ever walked into an inner-tantric mandala and does not know the principle and rules of the dharma for establishing an inner-tantric mandala. He himself has no qualification to receive an inner-tantric initiation. Perceiving yourself as an inner-tantric disciple after being cheated, you are so silly! Now you know the facts. You wish to receive a true inner-tantric initiation. Where is your vow? Where is your conduct? Where is your merit? Without a pure heart and sincerely establishing merit, can you receive an inner-tantric initiation?

Many Buddhists who have been cheated by charlatan masters still regard themselves inner-tantric disciples. This is truly an absurdly ridiculous joke. A clear fact can be told to you now. Even your so-called master who transmits through inner-tantric tricks by wandering performers does not know what inner-tantric means!

Any master who is unable to accomplish “Present One Petition to a Bodhisattva” is completely proven that Buddhas and Bodhisattvas do not recognize this self-claimed inner-tantric master and do not approve this inner-tantric mandala. That is the reason why the petition was not accepted. Such outcome definitely concludes that no inner-tantric mandala has been established and no Bodhi holy water can be successfully cultivated. Without Bodhi holy water, claiming to confer an inner-tantric initiation simply means the initiation is false inner-tantric. (A female master does not need to “Present Vajra Phurba Three Times” and only needs to “Present One Petition to a Bodhisattva.”)

Another type of situation is that the master already possesses the realization of a holy virtuous one but is unable to accomplish “Presenting One Petition to a Bodhisattva.” This master can use an inner-tantric mandala that meets the two major stipulations of the dharma and was established by a great holy virtuous one and a Vajra pill successfully cultivated by the great holy virtuous one to confer an inner-tantric initiation to a disciple at a distance of 16 feet away. The dharma will be manifested by the above-described holy manifestations. However, it must be noted that the disciple has to prepare a Vajra rope with the length of 16 feet to determine the distance between the master and the disciple. The Vajra pill must also be held by the disciple. If two or more disciples are to receive the initiation at the same time, the Vajra pill has to be grounded into powder, which will be mixed with tsampa flour to make pills that are distributed to the persons receiving the initiation. Such an initiation is a borrowed or carried inner-tantric initiation using the lineage.

Phurba offerings include the Offering of Primordial Buddha Phurba, the Offering of Sakyamuni Buddha Phurba, the Offering of Bodhisattva Phurba, the Offering of Vajra Phurba, and others. The weights of the phurba are all different for different types of phurba. We now only describe the Vajra Phurba to be presented to the inner-tantric yidam for three times. The weight of the phurba is different, depending on the master’s age and body weight. Speaking of a master whose age is under 70 and body weight is between 187 and 209 pounds (85 and 95 kilograms), the weight of the phurba to be presented should be 110 pounds (50 kilograms). If the master is younger than 50, the weight of the phurba to be presented should be 121 pounds (55 kilograms). To present the phurba means lifting the phurba above the shoulder in one hand and then chanting according to the dharma, to present the offering to the “Inner-Tantric Yidam in Charge of Tantric Lineage.” This is just the first step called “Laying the Foundation of the Mandala.”

The most difficult is the second step of “Presenting One Petition to a Bodhisattva” called “Perfecting the State of the Mandala.” The document of petition must be prepared and written in person by the disciple(s) receiving the initiation and be put on a table before the disciples. All will open their eyes to watch and guard. On the other hand, the presiding master will be arranged by the disciples to stand on an empty ground far away. The presiding master has to stand at wherever as arranged by the disciples and cannot walk. At this time, the presiding master will begin chanting to practice the dharma, to beseech the so-and-so Bodhisattva to accept and take the written petition. The disciples will chant “Ong A Hong” three time. Then the disciples will see that the written petition placed on the table before them emits rainbow light and elevates into the empty sky, to be accepted and taken away by the Bodhisattva on the spot. The written petition watched and guarded by all eyes will disappear in such a manner without leaving a trace. This is “Presenting One Petition to a Bodhisattva,” or “Perfecting the State of the Mandala.”

Now the inner-tantric mandala has been established. Only then can this great holy master establishing the mandala have the qualification to say the word inner-tantric. Other than this, regardless of what amazing status one may have, anyone who is unable to accomplish “Presenting Vajra Phurba Three Times” and “Presenting One Petition to a Bodhisattva” but claims possessing inner-tantric initiation, creating inner-tantric disciples, and having an inner-tantric mandala is just lying to deceive people. With a one-hundred-percent certainty, such a person is a wandering swindler who does not know anything inner-tantric. Whatever uttered about inner-tantric is completely false or a hollow inner-tantric theory at its best. This is because one who does not have an inner-tantric mandala cannot accept inner-tantric disciples. As an analogy, without the Garden of Anathapindada, there would have been no birth of the Diamond Sutra spoken by the Buddha.

Regarding true holy inner-tantric initiations, almost all rinpoches and dharma kings would oppose. What is the reason? Actually, you can know without being explained to you. This is because all those who oppose are people who are unable to fulfill the two major stipulations of the dharma for establishing an inner-tantric mandala. Their physique is not good enough to have the strength to present the heavy pestle and they have no way to “Present One Petition to a Bodhisattva.” Therefore, they can only use false inner-tantric forms to deceive people. If they do not oppose and do damage to true inner-tantric stipulations, they will be exposed by having no ability to fulfill the two major stipulations of the dharma and being unable to establish an inner-tantric mandala. Therefore, the anger in their mind will turn blazing to cause them to rampantly slander and oppose the true inner-tantric dharma. Otherwise they will be completely exposed and will have no way to defraud for money and sexual favors. Therefore, slandering and opposing the true inner-tantric dharma has become the most important thing for them to do.

WBAH never speaks empty words. Since the announcement has been made, the promise of establishing an inner-tantric mandala will be fulfilled. Wang Zha Shang Zun has already made the vow that He will establish an inner-tantric mandala before the public this year or next year to prove what low-class and evil swindlers the charlatan-faked inner-tantric masters are! The Shang Zun also said,

The Buddha Master said that He would not participate in our work of establishing an inner-tantric mandala. That is truly a good thing. This is because the Buddha Master emphasizes cultivation and will oppose such a state possessing miraculous and mighty power. The Buddha Master will not agree with an inner-tantric mandala. If He is invited over, then our inner-tantric mandala absolutely will not be established successfully!!! This is because, at the time of ‘Present One Petition to a Bodhisattva,’ the Bodhisattva will respect the Buddha Master’s wish and will not accept the written petition. Therefore, we will find another day to invite the Buddha Master to come. At that time, we will prepare to welcome His Holiness the Buddha’s grand presence and be ready to listen to and follow His teachings.

In today’s world, the situation is not just that false rinpoches are everywhere. Even some great dharma kings sitting high on the dharma rostrum have rotten morality and character. They would not even admit what they have done that people all know and are not as good as ordinary good people of virtue. How could they possibly “Present Vajra Phurba Three Times” and “Present One Petition to a Bodhisattva”? Therefore, Buddhist disciples have to be careful. If a master does not show you the true dharma, you should know that he is an imitator. Otherwise you will spend your current human lifetime on an evil path and be contaminated with sin and dark karma and then will no longer have a time to become liberated!


World Buddhism Association Headquarters (Seal stamped on every page)

                                    November 2, 2017

Translation revised November 23, 2017