Public Announcement No. 20170110–H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III Discourse on Dharma Protectors, etc.

Published on June 26, 2017

The World Buddhism Association Headquarters (WBAH) received inquiries that asked about an article entitled “Asking Chen Baosheng” written by Jian Ping, which stated that dharma-protectors of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III are Dharma Protector Single Hair Mother Vajra (Ekajati), Dharma Protector Rehula, and Chief Dharma Protector Mahakala. For this, we specifically beseeched H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III for a discourse. H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III said,

“This Buddhist disciple does not know the situation. Dharma Protector Mahakala, Dharma Protector Rehula, and Dharma Protector Single Hair Mother Vajra are the strongest dharma protectors in Tibetan Buddhism. I am not Tibetan Buddhism. Nor am I any sect or school. Rather, I am just Buddhism, which is Buddhism of Sakyamuni Buddha and Buddhism of all Buddhas in the ten directions. My dharma protector is not falling into the 128 evil views and erroneous views. My cultivation and conduct are the two great mind essences of The Supreme and Unsurpassable Mahamudra of Liberation and What Is Cultivation?. My absolute truth is Expounding the Absolute Truth through the Heart Sutra. My vow is not to accept any offerings in my entire lifetime and to expound the true dharma of the Tathagatas that represents the unalterable common principles of all Buddhas in the ten directions for free for living beings’ happiness, accomplishment, and liberation. I will not harm any living being, including Chen Baosheng and Chen Rao Zhenzhen.”

“Yesterday, I took an oath. That was not what I was willing to do. It was due to Jiangjia Rinpoche’s intention to take an oath. I tried to stop him but he did not listen. Since he had already spoken out his oath, I was pressed and had no other choice. That was why I wanted to take that oath to guarantee and bear the responsibility for him toward all Buddhas in the ten directions and toward causality, to let Jiangjia Rinpoche be free of any fear or concern. I will again say those same words. The happiness, accomplishment, and liberation of all living beings, including those who attack, smear, and do damage to me, are my greatest happiness. However, a Buddhist absolutely cannot slander Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the ten directions or sutras of Sakyamuni Buddha and absolutely cannot carry out evil ways to harm or mislead the great masses.”

“Regarding the examination of masters’ qualifications, from the beginning to the end I only agreed with and praised the test on the Tripitaka of sutras, vinayas, shastras (commentaries). I did not agree with holding any holy test from the beginning. That was why I never presided over even one session of the text in the holy realm.”


World Buddhism Association Headquarters (Seal)

June 26, 2017