Public Announcement No. 20170109–Wang Zha Shang Zun Concludes Holy Assembly of 100 Sessions

Published on March 26, 2017

The Holy Assembly of 100 Sessions that has been presided by me, Wang Zha, now formally concluded as of today. I have already practiced the entire ritual of 100 sessions. During the 100 sessions this time, some cultivators acted very earnestly and in a responsible way. They focused their speech and actions wholeheartedly on chanting the sutra, chanting the Buddha’s name, reciting mantras, and singing the praising verses and accumulated considerable merit and benefits as a result. However, there were also people who were distracted to looking at the expressions and movements of others and listening to other people’s chanting and singing. More sadly, some even commented on whether others did well or not. Such behaviors contaminated the Holy Assembly with impure karmas. Fortunately, the “Initiation of Dharma Affinity with the Yidam” was not damaged. I already announced that all those who attended the Holy Assembly of 100 Sessions perfectly have very great merit and will receive a grade level of blue button or a black button. More importantly, they will receive the “Initiation of Dharma Affinity with the Yidam,” which is related to every cultivator’s yidam dharma that the cultivator practiced through many lifetimes and kalpas. Due to the fact that this initiation is the highest and ranked as the first-place among inner-tantric initiations, some people generated this question in mind, “Does this Monk Wang Zha have the accomplished practice to invite Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to come in the sky to confer the initiation to us?” I, this humble bhiksu, can reply to you now, “Take it completely easy and do not get into illusory and distorted thinking. Even though this initiation is the highest, it will be performed like a piece of cake. Even if assuming that my merit and practice are not up to the standard, Yin Hai Yu Zun, Gekan Deqian Shile Yu Zun, Diou Ke Shang Zun and I have reached a consensus and made our vow on that. Even under the premise that our holy capacity is not sufficient, would the greatly compassionate H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III leave us alone in that situation without taking any action? If His Holiness the Buddha takes over and calls the yidam to come to the site, wouldn’t it be as easy as a piece of cake? Furthermore, the fact is that the four of us are not incapable of invoking the yidam.”

The “Initiation of Dharma Affinity with the Yidam” is the highest among all inner-tantric initiations and is also named “Holy Secret-Tantric Initiation.” To receive this initiation is more difficult than climbing Mt. Everest. In the past, Master Padmasambhava conferred this initiation to Tibetan King Trisong Detsan and Yeshe Tsogyal. During a session of the initiation, the Buddhist disciple will ask the yidam in person to learn his/her affinity with the dharma during many lifetimes until this lifetime including what dharma he/she practiced the most through many lifetimes and kalpas and who this yidam of his/her is. The yidam’s identity cannot be based on any holy master’s assertion regardless of what level this master is at and instead must be inquired from the direct meeting between the yidam and the disciple. That means the cultivator will see the yidam who is a Buddha or a Bodhisattva in the sky in person and will have a face-to-face conversation. Except the dharma of Buddha-bestowed nectar, what inner-tantric Buddha-dharma do you know that can be a comparison in manifesting the reality?

The stipulation of the dharma absolutely does not permit the great holy master in charge of the initiation to sit on a dharma rostrum. Rather, the master has to stand next to the disciple. The dharma-affinity initiation is classified into three (3) classes or levels. Based on the level of the disciple receiving the initiation, the yidam will manifest a holy appearance of a particular class to meet with the disciple. During the upper-class dharma-affinity initiation, the Buddha or Bodhisattva in the sky (the yidam) will interview the disciple in person and answer the questions raised by the disciple on the spot and will also award the great-treasure pill of dharma affinity to the disciple in person. If the initiation is at the middle-class, the yidam will use actions and sound to provide simple answers to the questions the disciple asked about the yidam dharma and will also award the great-treasure pill of dharma affinity to the disciple. If the initiation is conferred through the lower-class format, when the disciple asks questions, the yidam will manifest the yidam dharma in person to the disciple and will also award a great-treasure pill of dharma affinity to the disciple. Even if the initiation is at the lower-class, the communication is still between the disciple and the yidam and is not spoken by the master on behalf of the yidam to express the dharma. If the master speaks for the yidam, the master is just a witch or fortune teller!!! Only after the disciple learned from the yidam about the yidam dharma and received the great-treasure pill of dharma affinity, can the initiation be regarded as complete. Only at this time, can the great holy master who is standing by the side and is in charge of performing the dharma speak, to transmit to the disciple the ritual of the yidam dharma stated by the yidam. Therefore, from the beginning of the initiation and before the yidam lets the disciple know, the great holy master can only invoke the yidam who is a Buddha or a Bodhisattva to come to the site to provide answers to the disciple and must not speak or interpose. Anything the master says at this time definitely belongs to demonic words!!!

To cultivators who did not participate or complete the Holy Assembly of 100 Sessions perfectly, you should take actions to release living beings in captivity, do good deeds that kind persons do, and carry out activities that benefit society and the great masses. Doing so is more real and concrete than the merit from practicing in dharma assemblies. As long as you can abstain from everything that is evil and uphold and do all that is good, follow the dharma expounded by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III on the 128 views for verification and guidance, learn from and study well the book Learning from Buddha, put into practice the Most Excellent Enlightenment Emptiness-Practice Oceanic Mind Essence that is for cultivating a great Bodhisattva or the Xiaman Most Excellent Oceanic Mind Essence, I guarantee you that you will definitely receive an inner-tantric initiation and get the corresponding yidam dharma!!!

The Holy Assembly of 100 Sessions led by Wang Zha Shang Zun concluded perfectly today. After exiting the practice in retreat for the Holy Assembly, the first sentence that the Shang Zun spoke is, “Distribute to all the audio recording of my speech given on December 30, 2016 at the meeting marking the completion of the examination in the holy realm.” The recording of this discourse has the Shang Zun’s speech in Tibetan with translation in mandarin Chinese. The Shang Zun practiced the dharma of stopping and removing karmic hindrances and the eight winds for every CD containing the recording of this discourse. Therefore, this dharma CD has very great empowerment for developing benefits. In addition to respectively requesting by dharma-listening centers, any individual Buddhist disciple can respectively make request to get the dharma CD from the World Buddhism Association Headquarters (WBAH) and respectively listen to it at home. Please contact the dharma masters at WBAH. The phone number is: (626) 789-1001.


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March 26, 2017