Public Announcement No. 20170104: The Ugly and Evil Faces of Demonic Persons Have Been Exposed

Published on February 25, 2017


In the current dharma-ending age, demons and swindlers have already sneaked into Buddhism within us. They do damage to true Buddha-dharma and defraud and harm living beings very rampantly. Buddhist disciples can very easily be defrauded by their deceptions. Then, how can these demonic persons, evil masters, and charlatans be identified and caught? Wang Zha Shang Zun said, “Demons are truly cunning, but they can never change their nature and faces regardless of how cunning they may be. Whenever they feel that they have an opportunity to damage authentic Buddhism and Buddha-dharma, they will definitely jump out very quickly. Therefore, to catch these demonic persons, evil masters, and charlatans, a simple method can be used, which is called a battle position to lure the enemy into a trapping bag. These demons can be easily caught and apprehended by this method. Then, these human-formed demons and charlatans will be exposed under bright and sunny daylight. For example, Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai’s entering nirvana this time can be used to wake up and remind you all, to let cultivators see the real nature of human-formed demons and charlatans. If you do not believe, this experiment can let you see what is true and what is false.” For this reason, the Shang Zun spoke about Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai’s holy feats, including that He experienced a persecution more than 10 years ago and the great accomplishment He manifested recently.

Then, this method worked exactly as expected. In this experiment, demons and charlatans did enter the trapping-bag battle position one by one and revealed their original nature. The demons thought they had seized a good opportunity. They took isolated sentences out of the context of true facts and added the slandering deformations they made up out of nothing to rampantly tell such fabricated stories to damage Buddha-dharma. On the other hand, they held back and did not mention at all the unprecedented great accomplishment manifested by Holy Monk Yin Hai. The actions by these human-formed demons and charlatans proved the prediction given in Wang Zha Shang Zun’s discourse and completely revealed the fact that they are incarnations of demons and descendants of the Mara!

The real fact is that, more than 10 years ago, Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai was persecuted and harmed by some villains as a consequence of paying back His karmic debt incurred in past lifetimes. Those villains cut and severed His foot tenderloins. At that time, the Elder Dharma Master revived all of a sudden 5 days after dying. The first sentence He spoke was, “There must not be any action to hurt those who harmed me.” The Elder Monk could not walk because His foot tenderloins were cut. However, with a special empowerment by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, the foot tenderloins grew back to normal on the same day. On the spot, the Elder Monk even held up a person weighing close to 150 pounds and walked several steps while carrying the person. From then on to now, the Elder Monk never had any illness or misfortune. The most mysterious and miraculous fact is that the Elder Dharma Master’s health was always as healthy as a young person from every physical examination He took.

What happened this time was that the Elder Monk suddenly left the world in an instant of one second in a state that was totally free of any symptom of illness or calamity. After entering nirvana, His flesh body started a miraculous transformation on the tenth day. His original appearance at the time of entering nirvana with a thin bone frame and a face full of wrinkles changed into a very perfect and majestic appearance, which looked like a completely different person. Moreover, even the fingers and finger nails were growing continuously and became longer. Such a holy event has never occurred before in the history of Buddhism. Elder Monk Yin Hai established such unprecedented holy feat of honor with His flesh body transforming miraculously after entering nirvana.

However, due to their inherent nature, demons would never speak according to the correct information conveyed from the preceding public announcement from the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters (No. 20170103). They not only do not publicize the Elder Dharma Master’s holy manifestation but also misstated the incident of His foot tenderloins being cut that occurred more than 10 years ago as a current event. They spoke baselessly with alterations and deformations and even made up a total lie out of nothing to say that Elder Monk Yin Hai was beaten to death. However, these demons never thought about an obvious fact. In the United States of America, a person who beats and injures another person would be arrested and jailed, not to mention the situation of a person beating someone else to death! Furthermore, the fact has already been proven by the medical doctor. The doctor did not find any cause or illness for the death and could only write “heart stopped beating” on the document that must be submitted to the government for record keeping.

Such demons in human form who slander the Holy Monk with fabricated lies are destined to descend into the hell realm. Their dark karmas will pass to anyone who have contact with them. Such a contaminated person will not be able to receive an initiation of true Buddha-dharma in this lifetime and will not have an opportunity to become liberated. Therefore, you all must become much more highly alerted and immediately leave these demons and charlatans. Otherwise it will be too late!

The above announcement made by Wang Zha Shang Zun is very important. You all should greatly heighten your vigilance because demons may happen to be your master, your fellow brothers and sisters, and your friends and may be right next to you.


United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters (Seal)

                                    February 24, 2017