Public Announcement No. 20170103: Elder Monk Yin Hai Created an Unprecedented Holy Manifestation in the History of Buddhism after His Entering Nirvana

Published on February 22, 2017


Today, with both sorrow as well as glee and joy, we at the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters (UIWBAH) hereby announce to all an astonishingly great event. Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai, who was a great holy monk in our heart and the chief teacher of the Tripitaka of sutras, vinayas, and shastras (commentaries) at UIWBAH, has left us after accomplishing perfect merit and cultivation. Now the world has lost a top-level great holy monk. The Elder Dharma Master instantly entered nirvana in a state that was completely free of any symptom of illness. According to the law of the United States of America, a medical doctor must write a certificate of death and submit it to the government for record. However, the doctor could not find any illness as the cause of death and could only write passing away due to the stop of heartbeat. We are unable to accept the fact that the holy monk suddenly left, but we are also especially joyful and happy because the holy monk returned to His upper-class lotus seat in the World of Ultimate Bliss.

Actually, as early as December 30 of last year, Wang Zha Shang Zun forecasted to the public in His remark concluding the examination in the holy realm, “A holy monk whose nine precept-scars once emitted light to break the darkness in a closed room, who is the foremost holy monk in the world, and whom I respect the most will leave us in January next year. He will create an unprecedented holy manifestation in the history of Buddhism. This will be a great happy event and should be joyfully celebrated.”

Exactly as forecasted, on January 15, 2017, Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai entered nirvana. Wang Zha Shang Zun specifically wrote a verse of praise for that,

“The merit of Monk Yin Hai shines splendidly in the sky and on the ground.

The nine holes of His precept-scars once emitted light to illuminate a dark retreat room.

This greatly compassionate and accomplished one cultivating in seclusion has left His name to the world.

Following His wish, He has returned to His upper-level lotus seat in the World of Ultimate Bliss.

After entering nirvana, the flesh body of this holy venerable one will undergo a miraculous transformation.

A new holy chapter of nirvana will be written in the history of Buddhism.

In the past He and I practiced together in retreat in a cave in a deep mountain.

Later we both went to the teaching of true Buddha-dharma and became close to the Buddha.

Written by Buddhist Disciple and Humble Bhiksu Wang Zha Gong Bo, February 15, 2017”

In addition to writing the verse of praise, the Shang Zun also narrated the Elder Monk’s magnificent and holy feats, which showed that the Elder Monk’s merit of great compassion and accomplishment shined and illuminated the sky and the ground, spreading the affinities with the true dharma of the Tathagata in the human realm of the Saha World to let Sakyamuni Buddha’s Buddhism reemit an upright energy and splendid brightness. The dirty and filthy phenomena of Buddha-dharma gradually becoming distorted and confused in the last two thousand years and evil masters, demons, heretics, and swindlers causing chaos in the world are now exposed openly under broad daylight. Thus, Buddhists have found the path to return to the true teachings by the Buddha.

After the Holy Monk had entered nirvana, the nails on His fingers continued to grow and His flesh body manifested a miraculous great transformation that had never occurred in the history of Buddhism to exhibit a majestic and magnificent holy appearance. This manifestation created a record in the history of Buddhism. The flesh body started a total transformation 10 days after entering nirvana and changed to a different and yet extremely majestic visage during a period of over 20 days. This holy feat left by Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai to the human world confirmed the prediction made by Wang Zha Shang Zun.

After the Holy Monk entered nirvana, Buddhist disciples of the seven types guarded the Holy Monk’s flesh body at all times day and night. Each shift was staffed with between 8 to 16 persons chanting the holy name of Kuan Yin Bodhisattva, without pausing for even one minute. Additionally, three great dharma assemblies were held every day at the site. Starting from the tenth day, people began to see that the Elder Dharma Master’s flesh body was changing miraculously day by day and also emitted special scent and light. Dharma Master Jue Hui, Dharma Master Long Hui, Dharma Master Xiangge Qiongwa, Dharma Master Ruo Hui, Dharma Master Miao Kong, Long Zhou Rinpoche, and others used their hands to touch and press the Elder Monk’s flesh body and found that it was very firm and hard like a stone. They were all stunned and spoke with full praises. For that, Wang Zha Shang Zun was very furious and scolded them, “This is a total misbehavior. How could one touch and press the revered flesh body of the holy venerable one with one’s hand?” The dharma masters could only say that touching was permitted by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. The Shang Zun did not know how to react and could only say, “You should read the article about what Lama Achuk told Ah Qiong Khempo. Then you will know why the flesh body cannot be touched. Fortunately, the holy venerable one’s stage and state of realization are truly very high. That is why there has not been much effect. Otherwise, this sole holy manifestation occurring for the first time in the history of Buddhism would no longer exist. You should never act so carelessly again.”

The professionals at the Universal Chung Wah Funeral Home working for the ceremony of Elder Monk Yin Hai were also full of praises. They said that the situation was extremely miraculous and strange. More than 20 days had passed since the nirvana and not only wrinkles disappeared but also the bones and flesh of the body became very firm and amply full. The flesh body changed into a different person. Furthermore, even the finger nails had grown longer. They said, “We had worked at funeral homes for twenty some or thirty some years and such a situation was not only never seen before but also unheard of. This means the master truly cultivated himself extremely well!”

Though possessing such great and vast merit, Holy Monk Yin Hai never wanted to have anything to do with fame, gain, or status and always lived in hidden deep mountains. The Elder Monk once wrote a verse to Wang Zha Shang Zun, which says,

“Since ancient times holy and kind ones mostly live in loneliness. Actually only ones hiding from the world leave their names in history. One should never do anything evil and should do all acts of kindness, have a heart of great compassion and be free of any evil or fraud. Your origin does not belong to any sect or school. You should accumulate merit from doing goodness to enter the door to the dharma. To quest true Buddha-dharma at the summit level, follow me to become a student of the School of Buddha (The School of Buddha is the religion of all Buddhas in the ten directions. In other words, that is the true Buddhism of Sakyamuni Buddha and is not Buddha-dharmas altered with additions from people of later generations or various sects and schools. The School of Buddha affiliates directly with the Buddha and does not have a so-and-so lineage or dharma tradition or a system of a so-and-so sect or school.).” The Elder Dharma Master also told the Shang Zun that the best and the highest Buddha-dharma of cultivation is The Supreme and Unsurpassable Mahamudra of Liberation.

Actually, Wang Zha Shang Zun already observed from contemplation that His Holiness the Buddha had descended to the world in the early years when He first met the Elder Dharma Master and asked the Elder Dharma Master to help introduce and recommend Him. The Elder Dharma Master kindly declined the Shang Zun’s request with the karmic condition that His Holiness the Buddha was still at a young age and had not begun to spread Buddha-dharma yet. It was not until ten years ago when the Shang Zun finally followed Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai to become a disciple of His Holiness the Buddha to learn Buddha-dharma and entered the School of Buddha (That means authentic Buddhism and is not any lineage or system from any patriarch master. More specifically, that refers to the direct transmissions and teachings given by His Holiness the Buddha in person.).

The Shang Zun said that, in His early years, He practiced the dharma together with Elder Dharma Master Yin Hai in a cave in a deep mountain and learned many things from the Elder Dharma Master. The Elder Dharma Master’s holy realization, cultivated power, and states of great compassion and great wisdom in His cultivation, practice, and virtue are more than any amount of words and narrations can describe. Among other things, the dharma of the Vajra Battle Position was transmitted by the Elder Dharma Master to Him.

The Vajra of the Vajra Battle Position is not just solely in exoteric Buddhism or esoteric Buddhism and, rather, is directly in the Buddha’s Buddhism. For example, the Diamond Sutra mentioned the Eight Great Vajras, including Ucchusma Vajra (the Filthy Vajra) of Tang (Tang is a dynasty in the history of mandarin China.) Esoteric Buddhism and Kalachakra Vajra and Yamantaka Vajra of Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism. In which sect or school should these Vajras be categorized? The truth is that They simply are not in the lineage or dharma tradition of any sect or school and directly belong to authentic Buddhism. Therefore, They are in the School of Buddha rather than systems of patriarch masters’ sects or traditions.

The Elder Dharma Master’s holy realization and cultivated power are very great and strong. Wang Zha Shang Zun once accidentally saw that the nine precept-scars on top of the Elder Dharma Master’s head emitted light rays that illuminated the completely dark retreat chamber as if it was under open daylight to instantly save living beings of non-human realms to higher realms. This was a feat that occurred in early years. In later years, He and the Elder Dharma Master are both close to H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III and received the highest initiations of Buddhism including initiations of state practice and the great Buddha-Bestowed Nectar Initiation.

The Shang Zun said, “The Elder Monk is a greatly accomplished one in the dharma of ‘Red Kuan Yin of Magnificent Ocean of Great Compassion Practiced with The Supreme and Unsurpassable Mahamudra of Liberation.’ He is a great holy one who came again from the World of Ultimate Bliss to fulfill His vow and has now returned to His upper-level lotus seat in the Pure Land. In terms of the state and status of the Bodhisattva level realized by the Elder Monk, I am humbled. Although the Holy Venerable One left, He has still established tremendously great merit and record for Buddhism with the manifestation by His flesh body after entering nirvana. This is a holy event that never occurred in history before.”

You can all compare a photo taken 11 hours after the nirvana and a later photo showing the miraculous transformation occurred in the flesh body. You will see what a holy occurrence never seen in history this magnificent and majestic the miraculous transformation manifested. We can only say that this is an extremely magnificent and majestic holy feat, indicating that the source of true Buddha-dharma exists and living beings have the good fortune!!! This is where the source of the true dharma of the Tathagata is. The holy feat manifested by Elder Monk Yin Hai after His entering nirvana informed people that true Buddha-dharma or the great dharma that can enable one to attain liberation and accomplishment does exist in the human realm and is at where H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III is!!!

You all can respectfully request from UIWBAH the two photos showing Holy Monk Yin Hai’s contrasting visages, His visage in early years, as well as a couplet and the verse of praise written by Wang Zha Shang Zun.


United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters

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                                    February 22, 2017