Public Announcement No. 20170102: True Masters

Published on January 24, 2017

by the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters

Through the written test of 100 problems based on sutras, vinayas, and shastras (commentaries) and the examination in the holy realm, the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters (UIWBAH) helped cultivating Buddhists in the world examine and determine master’s qualifications classified into seven different grade levels. This is a tremendously great accomplishment in enabling Buddhists to distinguish the levels of masters’ qualifications and has established a new milestone in the history of Buddhism. H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III said, “The examination held by your UIWBAH shows the qualification of a master in good cultivation. However, that does not necessarily mean one is in essence an accomplished one through cultivation. Whether a master is good or bad and is upright or evil should be examined and measured comprehensively through one’s virtue of conduct, knowledge about the teaching in sutras, and accomplishment from practice. Kind and virtuous cultivators may also have situations of possessing deviated or evil understanding and views. If a person who possesses deviated or evil views does not correct himself/herself, this person is a demonic person. Immediately correcting one’s mistakes upon knowing them shows that a person is cultivating oneself. In general, one who does various good deeds and abstains from all evil is good.”

The reality is truly like that. We now discovered that some people who did not achieve any grade level from the examination are falsely claiming that they have received a grade level to deceive others. Also, some masters who received grade levels of blue button(s) are looking for excuses of not wearing their dharma attire indicating their grade level. These people’s acts exposed their strong and abundant characteristics of an ordinary being and their worldly interests in saving one’s face. They are absolutely not masters of virtue and accomplishment. To fear being looked down upon by one’s own disciples actually shows this person’s nature of a charlatan or an evil master!!!

Why are there charlatans and evil masters among masters who attained high grade levels through the examination? Is this fact contradictory to the results of the examination? No, there is no contradiction at all! The reason is in the rules of the examination in the holy realm. The examination in the holy realm stipulates that the “Vajra Battle Position” is only used for reincarnated holy ones and measuring one’s level of holy accomplishment. The vast majority of candidates dared not to apply for taking such an examination. Even some who had applied for taking the examination through the “Vajra Battle Position” ended up admitting not possessing the required accomplishment of cultivation and withdrew from the examination upon seeing the miserable states some candidates manifested in the field. On the other hand, taking the examination through the “Eight Winds in Samsara Battle Position” is different because one can be tested by a single category that represents the candidate’s advantage or strength. This is similar to the situation of a champion athlete, who is not a champion in multiple sports. A champion swimmer does not have the talent of a champion in the shooting sport, and a shooting champion does not possess the ability of a weight-lifting champion. They all won their own championship with their own specific talent in the respective sport. The same is true in the Eight Winds in Samsara Battle Position, which is not an all-round examination.

This fact is quite clear from the ritual books given by some famous masters (who attained grade levels from the examination) to their disciples to study and practice. Those masters hold the banners of the Buddhist lineage from Sakyamuni Buddha and H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III but secretly act in the opposite direction. They take words from sutras out of context to alter the dharma and baselessly compose evil and demonic sayings and theories that violate the doctrine of Buddhism to make up false rituals that have no empowerment from the lineage at all. They give such false rituals for their disciples to learn and practice for the purpose of controlling their disciples. Now, some of those masters realized what they did wrong and repented to correct themselves. They will be forgiven by the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas! However, some others are still pretending not knowing this fact and are continuing their conduct of deception. People of this type are evil masters without a doubt. However, because their disciples have no inside knowledge, they only look at a master’s superficial identity. Whenever seeing someone who has a big fame and high status, they would think that they have met a great Bodhisattva, without knowing that masters of this type who self-claim to be venerable ones are not yet even first-stage Arhats. The fact is that people who are loyal to a charlatan are destined to be defrauded.

Then, why can these evil and deceptive figures pass the examination to attain their grade levels? This is because this person used his/her merit in a category of strength to take the examination in the holy realm and did not write their sinful, malicious, and demonic speech into the petition document. Since the law of cause and effect never errs on the merit of their strength, they will definitely attain a grade level that corresponds to the merit of conduct. If a master who has established great merit can also uphold correct understanding and views and cultivate according to true Buddha-dharma, this master will be an excellent master!!!

Also, you should understand that whether one’s grade level is high or not has nothing to do with whether this person is evil and does deception or not. That is why cultivators should inquire at UIWBAH to get complete information. In addition to look at any master’s dharma attire indicating one’s grade level, a master should also be verified and validated by the 128 views!!!  Also, the book Learning from Buddha should be used to check one’s speech and conduct!!! Only by doing so can you completely and thoroughly find out whether a master is upright or evil, whether the master is a charlatan or demonic master or not, whether the speech and conduct of the master represents correct understanding and views or not, and whether the master benefits others with great compassion or not. Doing so is also the only way to prevent cultivators from being defrauded. This is also the only way for cultivators to find a fine master to learn true Buddha-dharma so that one can acquire perfect good fortune and wisdom and can unimpededly attain liberation!


United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters (Seal)

                                    January 24, 2017