Public Announcement No. 20160113: Four Refuge Vow

Published on October 31, 2016

United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters

Mo Zhi Jian Zun said, “Someone even put into writing to falsely claim that he or she is a very great master and tells his or her disciples to recite whatever he or she dictates every day. This is simply shameless. My dharma brother Wang Zha Shang Zun and I are both rinpoches from the lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. In the past, we chanted the Four Refuge Vow. Now we changed to practice the Three Refuge Vow.”

Why did these two great holy ones change from practicing the Four Refuges to practicing the Three Refuges? Actually, anyone who says that the Three Refuge Vow is incomplete is definitely an amateur to Buddhism or just a charlatan, unless He is a tremendously great holy virtuous one in the category of Kuan Yin Bodhisattva and Manjushri Bodhisattva. The most standard refuge vow is the Three Refuge Vow, without the sentence of “taking refuge in the master” added later by patriarchs. The supreme leader of our Buddhism in this world is Sakyamuni Buddha. The Three Refuge Vow was stipulated by Sakyamuni Buddha. Regardless of how great a patriarch he or she may be, he or she is still below Sakyamuni Buddha. Today we can make a definitive statement to ensure you that anyone who regards the Three Refuge Vow as incomplete absolutely is not a holy virtuous one at a grade level of Golden Button(s). A holy virtuous one at a grade level of Golden Button(s) will not say such evil words. If you do not believe this conclusion, please call the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters (UIWBAH) to inquire about this person’s grade level. You should understand that taking refuge means taking refuge in the Three Jewels of Buddha, dharma, and sangha, not in the master. This is because a master can belong to either of the two categories of upright ones and evil ones.

As to the additional one of “Namo Guru Bei” in esoteric Buddhism, of course it is okay if the master is a great holy one. However, the emphasis of relying on one’s master to attain accomplishment and the use of the Fifty Stances of Guru Devotion advocated in esoteric Buddhism to forcefully control disciples to put respecting master in first place do have serious problems. Have you pondered about these questions: Is the master you took refuge in a foremost great holy one or a Bodhisattva? Does this master possess the Five Vidyas? Is this master as great as the Buddha? Isn’t it a sinful act to put your master before the Buddha? An even more horrible fact is that, if your master is not a holy virtuous one and rather is a charlatan or a demonic master, your practice of relying on that master to attain accomplishment will definitely make you a charlatan or a demon!!!

As we can see in reality, a holy master absolutely will not self-claim himself or herself to be a great master. Among those who forcefully require disciples to respect him or her, there is not a good one. Would a true holy virtuous one issue written notice to force disciples to respect him/her or care about not being treated well by disciples? Now evil masters and defrauding masters holding big signs of lineages are everywhere in the world. Why can’t you understand such simple reasoning? Of course, if you are following a master who is like Kuan Yin Bodhisattva, Manjushri Bodhisattva, Master Padmasambhava, Master Marpa, Master Tsongkhapa, or Master Jigme Lingpa, abiding by Their rules to respect Them and follow Them to attain accomplishment is what you should do, since They all advocate and propagate the dharma taught by Sakyamuni Buddha. Even so, They also revere Dorje Chang Buddha or Sakyamuni Buddha above Their head. Do you know this fact?

There are only “Buddhists” (meaning believers of Buddhism) in the world and we never heard of the term “religious believers of a master.” Isn’t this true? Actually, any Buddha or Bodhisattva will never be concerned about whether living beings slander Him or Praise Him and will not require disciples to respect Him. Rather, He will always regard Himself as a humble one and will always benefit others. H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha is a true example of this in our real life.

You should be careful! Do not be cheated by those extremely audacious demonic persons who even dare to do damage to the Three Refuge Vow stipulated by Sakyamuni Buddha. Do not become a demonic descendent in the category of “religious believers of a master.” What grade level did the master you took refuge in pass in the examination? Is he or she a holy virtuous one with Golden Button(s)? You should watch the recorded video that is hard to encounter in 1000 years. Perhaps the one who was completely defeated by the heat of  Tummo practice and had to run quickly for his life is the master you took refuge in. Even if he was not seen in that dharma assembly, his grade level would speak for him. No one can sneak through that check!


United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters (Seal)

                                    October 31, 2016