Public Announcement No. 20160111: “Learning from the Buddha” Book

Published on October 12, 2016

Important Reminder:

The book Learning from the Buddha is an utmost precious treasure for attaining liberation and accomplishment. Since its publication, many truly selfless and kind Buddhists and masters who cultivate and propagate true Buddha-dharma actively ordered the book. However, some people with the status of a master even pretended not hearing this news and did not order this utmost precious Buddhist book. What’s the cause for these people’s act? To gain an insight into the situation, you should first understand the purpose of the dharma that H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III expounded in this book.

This book is to teach everyone to learn how to become a good person and a kind person. Then, from being a kind and selfless person, one can progress to become a true Buddhist and an eligible cultivator. As a cultivator, one can attain accomplishment to become a holy person! However, to villains and bad people, this book is like a demon-revealing mirror. When seeing the book, evil, malicious, and demonic masters will be scared to death because they fear the fact that Buddhist disciples can distinguish their hidden ugly nature from reading this treasure book. That is why they pretend not knowing the publication of this Buddhist book. On the other hand, good masters will rejoice upon seeing this treasure book and will immediately place orders and spread the auspicious news. They may also gift copies of this book to others to create karmic affinities. To masters who are charlatans or demonic persons, even though they are cunning and foxy, they nonetheless cannot hide their nature just as the fact that a fox disguised as a human can never hide its tail. This utmost precious treasure book will definitely spread throughout the whole world. Then, how could they continue hiding their real face?

Buddhist disciples, if your master does not actively spread the news of this treasure book’s publication, does not make a great effort to advocate and recommend the book, and does not accord with the book in his/her speech and conduct, once you read this Buddhist book, the contents will naturally enable you to deduce the reason why this so-and-so master does not place an order to purchase the book. Then you will know whether this master is a charlatan, a demonic person, or a master holding true Buddha-dharma.

On Page 1 of this Buddhist book, H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III said, “You should remember that this dharma discourse Learning from the Buddha that I expounded today will be published as a book. In the future, anyone who comes to receive an initiation and dharma transmission from me must bring this book. I will not confer an initiation or transmit a dharma to a person who has not studied this book. When you come to see me, someone will interview you first, to see whether you bring this book with you or not. If he or she does not bring this book or has not studied it well, I will not see him or her.”

“If a disciple of mine who is a master does not keep this book with him or her, then this master is a charlatan who does not learn good things. All disciples following this master should leave immediately, otherwise they are certain to be contaminated by this person’s sins and negative karmas!!! Why so? This fact shows that this master is irresponsible toward living beings, does not carry out the correct practice, and just wants to be a charlatan to defraud and harm Buddhist disciples. I am absolutely certain that the rules and restrictions this master imposes on his/her followers are made from taking the contents of sutras out of context and distorting the meanings, are full of errors, violate the teachings and precepts given by the Buddha, and are extremely malicious!! Such a master is either a demonic person or a charlatan with a one-hundred-percent certainty!!! Regardless of whose reincarnation he or she claims to be or how high his/her status is, even if he or she is a venerable one, a great dharma king, a great rinpoche, or a great dharma master, this person is just a villain wearing the cover of a master.”

Please note, regardless of who you are and for what matter you seek to respectively meet H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, if you have not read this book, you will be declined from entering the door at the first step of being interviewed. Then, how could you possibly meet His Holiness the Buddha? Not to mention beseeching H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III to confer you an initiation to transmit the dharma to you, you will not even be able to get into the door!


United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters (Seal)

                                    October 12, 2016