Public Announcement No. 20160107: Buddha-Bestowed Nectar

Published on July 22, 2016

Wang Zha Shang Zun Makes a Definitive Statement on the Qualifications Required for Practicing the Dharma to Obtain Buddha-Bestowed Nectar

Recently, at a meeting held at the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters (UIWBAH) and attended by holy virtuous ones and eminent monks, Wang Zha Shang Zun said,

“Holy virtuous ones must first possess the demeanor of a holy person. Modesty, caution, honesty, and selflessness are the most basic aspects of kindness in human nature. Benefiting living beings with great compassion and cultivating on the path toward enlightenment certainly belong to the fundamental nature of cultivation. However, I heard many hearsays during the years. Some dharma kings, venerable ones, and rinpoches spread rumors in society to claim that they had the ability to practice the dharma to obtain Buddha-bestowed nectar. People who did not know the truth believed the rumors as true and were deceived to take refuge in them. There was also someone who asked me to practice the dharma to get Buddha-bestowed nectar for her.”

“I will state the fact clearly today. Based on my cultivation and practice, I do not even have one percent of the power of accomplishment to practice the dharma successfully to obtain Buddha-bestowed nectar! Buddha-bestowed nectar is the precious essence of supreme treasure. Anyone who has received an initiation of Buddha-bestowed nectar will definitely accomplish the holy state of reality right away. Of course, there will naturally be the beneficial consequence of extending one’s lifespan. However, other than Buddhas, Bodhisattvas with wonderful enlightenment, and Bodhisattvas with universal enlightenment, no one else is at the level to be able to invoke Buddhas to bestow nectar!”

“As to the dharma kings of the various major sects around the world, regardless of how they claim to be the reincarnation of which Bodhisattva with wonderful enlightenment or which Bodhisattva with universal enlightenment, they are in the same situation as I am and do not have the possibility of one percent to practice the dharma successfully to obtain Buddha-bestowed nectar. They are not at that level. Simply speaking, they are too far away from doing that! They have not even reached a high level in the Five Vidyas and are simply not Bodhisattvas. Their identities of reincarnation are false!!!”

“I am just stating the facts. In recent history, other than Master Pabongka and Jungba Gashey, no one ever showed such an example. Jungba Gashey was a Bodhisattva with universal enlightenment. Master Pabongka was the genuine incarnation of a Bodhisattva with wonderful enlightenment, but was not Vairocana Buddha! I hereby make a definitive statement: In the current world, no dharma king, venerable one, or rinpoche from any sect in the world has attained the level of being able to invoke Buddhas to bestow nectar. There is not even one who can do that!!! I will bear the responsibility of causality for this statement!”

“As to the nectar induced at the time of publishing H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III’s Expounding the Absolute Truth through the Heart Sutra, Gar Tongstan Jia Zun and Kai Chu Ru Zun had no qualification to beseech Buddhas to bestow nectar. Those who are at the levels of Golden Button Grade 1, Golden Button Grade 2, and Golden Button Grade 3 are not able to do that. Those who are at levels of blue buttons are even farther away from having the qualification. On that day, Buddhas arrived to congratulate. The Buddha-bestowed nectar was not due to anyone practicing any dharma. Rather, the nectar represented the karmic condition manifested by all Buddhas in the ten directions to prove that Expounding the Absolute Truth through the Heart Sutra is the dharma expounded by a true Buddha who is present in this world.”

“Separately, there exists nectar that is dharma rain passing through trees. That is different from genuinely true nectar by tens of thousands of miles, is not nectar truly bestowed by Buddhas, and is at most some manifestation by Bodhisattvas in the sky. The genuinely true nectar from Buddhas has to be bestowed into the dharma bowl and will not have even a little bit descended to anywhere outside the bowl.”

“In today’s world, except H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, there isn’t any tremendously great holy one who has the cultivated accomplishment to invoke Buddhas to bestow nectar. Anyone who says that he or she can invoke Buddhas to bestow nectar is lying. It is a pity that H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III who can invoke Buddhas to bestow nectar denies having that ability. The Buddha who can do so does not admit the fact. On the other hand, ordinary persons who have no such ability at all are self-boasting to commit fraud. This is a very miserable situation!”

“Among our eminent monks and great virtuous ones who are present here today and the great dharma kings, supreme dharma kings, and venerable ones in the world, regardless of whose reincarnation one is recognized to be, not even one can invoke Buddhas to bestow nectar! If there is any, can you point this person out to show me? If anyone can cause nectar to descend, I will prostrate to him and will lower my head to become his disciple. Without even achieving modesty and caution and being only able to boast falsely and exaggerate baselessly, how can such a person claim invoking Buddhas to bestow nectar? If one continues to speak nonsense, descending to the hell realm will be the real consequence.”

“You all should pay serious attention in the future. Any conclusion regarding whether one is holy or mundane must be seen from the dharma attire indicating one’s grade level that this person wears!!! You should use the 128 views to determine whether one’s views are correct or evil!! Otherwise you will definitely be deceived and defrauded!!!”


                                    United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters

(Seal Stamped on every page)

                                    July 22, 2016