Public Announcement No. 20160104: Entrance Gate to the Battle Position

Published on April 15, 2016
Photo: A dharma master was going to enter the gate to take the examination in the holy realm. Suddenly a strong whirlwind erupted within the battle position. She was unable to stand on her feet and was immediately pulled inside.

Photo: A dharma master was going to enter the gate to take the examination in the holy realm. Suddenly a strong whirlwind erupted within the battle position. She was unable to stand on her feet and was immediately pulled inside.

Some people raised these questions of doubt. Will the master in charge of the mandala of examination deliberately issue to certain examination takers who passed at lower grade levels dharma attires and certificates indicating higher grade levels? Does the dharma attire truly determine one’s accomplishment of cultivation with a one-hundred-percent certainty?

Such questioning with doubt is due to not understanding the rules and the system of the examination and the real situation of the examination site. You all should know clearly that the Buddha-dharma possessed by the holy virtuous ones at the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters (UIWBAH) is unlike some types of Buddha-dharma that have not received genuine transmission through the lineage and only talk about hollow theories without concrete manifestation and is the Buddha-dharma that follows the teaching from the genuine lineage of Sakyamuni Buddha and manifests the state of realization in reality. When entering the battle position, every examination taker has to chant authentic sutras of Buddhism such as the Diamond Sutra, the Surangama Mantra, the Great Compassion Mantra, the Mahakala Mantra, and others. A genuine true Buddha-dharma is performed with the complete application and utilization of one’s three karmas of body, speech, and mind. Take the Diamond Sutra for example, in addition to verbally chanting the sutra’s text and mentally contemplating the essence and meaning, the dharma must  be performed with the joint effort of mudras, such as the Mudra of the Buddha Expounding the Dharma and the Mudra of Venerable Subhuti. Otherwise, the majestic spiritual power of the Diamond Sutra will not be perfect enough to manifest the state in real form. The proctoring seven holy ones and ten masters also have to chant and perform the mudras to provide assistance.

There is no loophole to sneak through in the examination in the holy realm. In particular, there are seventeen proctors consisting of seven holy ones and ten masters. They all made vows of truth against extremely bad consequences to guarantee the grade level received by every examination taker based on the performance in the examination. Even if one or two of them may want to do anything false, can it be possible that the seventeen holy virtuous ones and masters of great virtue all dare do that? And, would they dare make severe vows of truth that will be written onto the certificate of grade level to be issued to the examination taker?

Moreover, at the examination site, many examination takers are present during one session to take the examination. The rule is that one person takes the examination at a time and the next person begins only after the preceding one has finished. Those who are waiting to take the examination and those who have taken the examination are at the site to watch. They can all see each other with their own eyes the real situation and the grade level attained of everyone. You can imagine that they all wish to attain a high grade level and no one wants to settle at a low grade level. The examination takers are in the same battle position of holy examination. The green-colored zone of peace and auspiciousness is very big and wide and is right in front of the examination taker, who has to walk in to attain a grade level. Unable to walk in means no grade level. When practicing before the actual examination, all can walk into it easily. However, once the examination has been announced, some examination takers are unable to walk in. The entire position or field has no mechanism or hidden setup at all. Nevertheless, it is absolutely impossible for you to walk into the auspicious zone one more time if you do not possess the required accomplishment of true Buddha-dharma corresponding to that!!!

Furthermore, the grade level attained by every examination taker agrees one-hundred-percent with the result from divination performed by oneself privately. That is why the masters who passed the examination have nothing to argue about and agree wholehearted with the result. Actually there is no way to argue even if one is not satisfied. Some examination takers had to see others reaching as high as Grade 3 but they themselves failed to get even Grade 1. It is easy to imagine how bad they felt while being seen by others.

The real situation is that, without sufficient accomplishment of cultivation, one simply cannot walk into the green auspicious zone at the center which is flat and can be seen clearly by the eyes. While one is clearly walking forward toward the green land ahead, the feet are spontaneously stepping backward. Eventually one will fall to the ground. Every time when an examination taker is unable to enter the auspicious zone, he or she will definitely be pulled into the Eight Winds in Samsara Battle Position or even enter the big field and fall to the ground. That would really be embarrassing because the person has to be rescued and carried out by arms and feet by the four guards on duty. Would any master be willing to lose face in public under such a miserable situation? No matter what false claim an arrogant master is good at boasting with, this person cannot continue to do so once taking the examination. One can only pass by possessing and showing the real stuff.

Dharma attires and certificates issued by UIWBAH are based on the examination in the holy realm and guaranteed by the serious vows of truth made by the seventeen proctoring masters on the spot. Such representation can only be stated as: completely true without anything false! That is why cultivators and Buddhist disciples must see as master’s dharma attire and certificate to avoid mistakenly regarding an evil master or swindler as a fine master.

We hereby state once more that no one, including Wang Zha Shang Zun who is the great holy virtuous one in charge of the mandala of examination, Dharma King Gar Tongstan, and Kai Chu Ru Zun, can influence anyone’s performance at the examination or attained grade level. This fact actually is stated clearly by the two couplets and a horizontal banner at the entrance gate of the examination in the holy realm.

The horizontal banner says, “Correct path will match holy instruction of dropping divine pieces; verification from executing the dharma has nothing to do with personal feelings; proctoring dharma protectors bear their own responsibility of causality; this master presiding at the mandala is not responsible for that.” The longer couplet has, “What is true is not false, moving Mount Tai is like carrying a tray; what is false is not true, getting undeserved grade is more difficult than climbing to the sky.” The shorter couplet is, “Each grade will show as such without any elevation; the number of ounces will be weighed exactly without one extra.”

A photo of the entrance gate of the battle position is hereby sent to all.

This public announcement is hereby issued.


                                    United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters

(Seal Stamped on every page)

                                    April 15, 2016