Public Announcement No. 20160101: Written Exam Plus Exam in the Holy Realm

Published on March 3, 2016

Now, some people who are masters with fame developed high pride and self-centered arrogance due to always sitting on a tall dharma rostrum. They may even fake great holy ones intentionally or unintentionally. We at the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters (UIWBAH) have received many reports in this regard. We advise you not to claim yourself as a holy one baselessly!!! Instead, you should apply your own ability to take the examination at UIWBAH to get a holy one’s title. Only that shows who is a true holy one.

This public announcement also reminds once again those people who do not read the public announcements. You should think carefully: are you normal people or are you evolving and transforming into future living beings in the three lower realms? Otherwise, why are you raising questions whereas the answers have already been given clearly in the public announcements? You should clearly know that whether one is a holy one at a certain level of Arhat or a certain stage (bhumi) of Bodhisattva or is not a holy one absolutely cannot be determined from this person’s superficial appearance using ordinary beings’ knowledge, recognition, and judgment. It is even less possible to determine such nature by mundane people’s mind of differentiation.

Whether one is holy or mundane and in which class or grade one is absolutely cannot be stated accurately by anyone in this world except two extremely great holy ones. One is Sakyamuni Buddha who already left for the Sambhogakaya Buddha-land. The other is H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III who is currently in the world. Only what They say is absolutely accurate without any possibility of a mistake. However, H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III does not do recognition of whether one is holy or mundane for people. Therefore, to determine one’s status with one-hundred-percent certainty, one must take a written examination followed by an examination in the holy realm. The examination taker is tested for his or her level of accomplishment through the doctrine of sutras, vinayas, and shastras (commentaries) and the yidam’s decision by selection. Only the certificate and dharma attire received from passing at a specific class or grade indicate the actual and true status of a holy and virtuous one.

The examination in the holy realm is always proctored by seven holy ones and ten masters who are present. Therefore, no one can sneak through to pass no matter how this person is good at rhetoric or persuasion. Furthermore, the seven holy ones and ten masters have taken their oaths to guarantee that the status of the person who passed the examination to wear the dharma attire and hold the certificate for the corresponding grade as a master is absolutely true and not false.

This public announcement is hereby given.


United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters (Seal)

March 3, 2016